Its getting better everyday..

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

appraisal dub gaya

Its official, Ayush Biyani is the most hopeless guy in Infosys Technlogies ltd..I am not, the appraisal is saying it.. "I am improving but I have scope of improvement"...ha ha ha...

Is there any safer statement to be made by some of the bloody perfectionists present today who decide something as important as grades based on their memory.

Yes, I am improving on a daily basis..and I have a scope of improvement. Who doesnt have?? The world is disdainfully a learning curve with valleys which would put Khandala to shame.
But " if I am improving and I still have a scope of improvement " then does it means I should be given average grades...dont the readers think there should be a parameter named " rate of improvement" upon which also the grades should depend..certainly..yes.

The art of giving the bad grades to a person who deserves better is paramount to be a project manager as somehow they think that if a person is given good grades, he will stop working hard..

As far as i know leadership is all about making an environment conducive to learning ..PMs according to me should be a good leader and a good and motivating person at heart even if they aren't a good techies..some thing that is the smallest motivating agent is as simple as good grades.

Its very easy to say some one "this is missing" , but its tuf to say him , "yes you have this thing as a very good quality". Should I say then safely that the appraisals should be based upon the marking the positives and then improving the negatives instead of making it the other way.

admit it or not the donkey cannot go ahead only with a have to show him the carrot also..

How demotivating.!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

no time

Bad journey this time..Thats the minimum I can say..Things didnt work out this time from any angle..There were a lot of problems this time to do anything I wanted..

Plus today i didnt have any time to think other than work, further, I have issues like new home to think for..Its a real show stopper for me as the month end is approaching and something needs to be done to shift somewhere or get some murga for us to accompany us .

will write more some other time.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yet another home trip

So, the week has passed again. The clock has started indicating the time close to 6, when I can move out of the office without giving any explanation to any bloody "smiling monster" who smiles in the same form as the characters in " Alif Laila" used to be , better known as "aiyaar"..
For those who never watched AL, aiyaar is some one who disguises himself to fulfill his motive.

This week was full of learning experience , the most being how to pass time when the movie is a real bad bad as ASMM( apna sapna money-2)..and the next is: how to deal with people who make you stay in the office without any task and smile at you in the party...ha ha ha ..

I didnt have enuf work to be bzee this week and as a result I am writing blogs over blogs..another reason is I am getting topics which are real and motivate me to write over them..after all , how will a man clear his buffer if he doesnt writes, let alone speak to his invader.

All said and done, the train is due for close to the sign off needs to be done by 6:00pm..Nopes, not at 5:59 pm because that would entitle me for an explanation whether I am taking the work lightly..

hope to do some good work down at home this time.. The biggest tention at present however is the cold weather outside , yes outside , guys I am sitting in AC writing at night it 'd be real cold ..That when faced with fast moving train exacerbates the scene..

I hope I get the time to take the tickets this time unlike the previous time when I couldnt take the tickets because of the time restrictions, only to give fine to TC. I again hope to face the morning sun at 8:30 at the nearest station to raipur..Thats a real good thing to do, when a fast moving train passes by ,denying all the human superiority.I really enjoy watching that train as close as 4 feet keeping myself unmoved.

Nopes , I shouldnt do that as at home is waiting the delicacies by Maa . I would eat it like a trencherman this time..

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Humputer , guess what is ? Thats a concoction of humans and computers ...No, seriously this term is necessary for those who have been their in some firm and started thinking only as the company policies taught them to be..

Agreed , you are in the compay and you have to follow the company policy. But does that mean that you wont listen to some very logical thing that the policy writer is not specifying.Thats the case that is happening in my firm..The great great Infosys..

I am bloody tired of Infosys policies and its manifestations in the form of 'Pm screwing me'. I am tired of the policy that be here for 9 hrs even if you dont have any work. Believe it or not , some day they will realize that such "mugged up" policies will facilitate the attrition of employees.

The people are so much into it that they dont even consider the guy who has finished the work before, an efficient one. They would rather come up with some of the arguments that their designation has taught them to behave, as they say "people respect the designation" and not the human.They can even say that " he is a nonserious guyor he is not having any work".

Sorry, I cant do that. why to do so?? to what fun? Appraisal?? Huh, it doesn't matter to me if some company is not getting into the sync with the logical argument of do your work and leave..
Yes, assist your fellow workers AMAP, but then dont follow the rule 8:30 + 9.5 =6.15 PM
I havent mugged up anything in life and I wont mug up this either.

Global companies like google have only succeeded because employees are self motivated and not hinged by the 8:30 rule...innovations always takes place when some new thing is done. No, they wont do it..because as the head says" we are not into R&D"...well said sir !! you have actually taken your words seriously and made the whole set of "mediocres" working in this company take it seriously..and why wont they take it seriously...they are but a set of "mediocres" who do something only when told..

They are computers , no "humputers"who when initialized to the 8:30 rule will follow it till what if they chat half the time and I dont , and therefore am able to complete in the due what if I am able to complete my work before 6 and therefore leave early..Common guys, a Man is known by the way he slogs and not by the way he thinks and conceptualizes the concepts.

Once I was shocked by the thought of a senior employee giving unrealistic deadlines just because, else ,the guy whom the work was alloted had left the previous day at time .. This isnt untrue..this is true because he said me his plans about not letting the guy leave early.

Now again some NRN has to come to wipe out the mugged up rule from these "Humputers" in whom the rule has been embedded by the likes of NRN. Humans, understand that you have invented the computer and not the other anyways dont make yourself look like the other way..

Leave your desk when the work is done..dont true to your work..take time to complete the task, but if some body who is under you has done the task perfectly within the time frame, then dont feel inferior or insecure ..he is your junior and would never eat your job.Dont hold him till 5:30 or 6 coz of the rules..

Come out of the glass frame of the "Humputer"

Ohhh who am I talking to?? The bloody mugging up senior guys who would be right now mugging the dialogues for the weekly meeting....

Meeting is due tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

apna sapna money money

ha ha ha ha ....what?? am I supposed to laugh..Not at all..not atleast for a pain in the neck movie..which I had to see sitting upright.

apna sapna money money is certainly one of the most forgettable movies of this year and among the few blockbuster flops...

what the hell?

I pity the director who was motivated enuf to make such a crap. This is not done.
The movie has an absence of script,acting , screenplay and everything..The content was further MTVfied by the introduction of that bloody man " some singh" whom we used to watch in MTV playing some nonsense crap and trying hard to make the junta laugh.

Shreyash talpade is the only genuine character in the movie who is doing some sane activity. Anupam Kher in his magnanimous career would have rejected lot many films , much better in quality only to sign this "unadulterated shit" in the acme of his career when he should rather join some expert community.

The movie is full of obscene double entendres and other perks associated with such cheap commedies..In some places even the baddest guy would remember his lord for watching such movie in any good cinema hall.

Ritesh deshmukh is as usual the Mastified guy next door who is a bloody thag..

The lack of scripy has been tried to overshadowed by some oomphy scenes which force the audience to keep their belt at place.

The movie is an indellible spot on the resume of 2006-bollywood which by far was boasting of many hits in a row..

Chanky pande has none other options than to do some real bad roles in his career.

The movie is a nightmare for all the sensible audience who understand bollywood.

Rajpal Yaadav is trying to mimic sarkar AB in his own way which forces our jaws to take some pain..

In summary the movie is very much unwatchable even in the company of frds , forget with family..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Upcoming blogs

I have had two bad experiences yesterday..which surely would represent themselves in the form of my post.

The first bad experience was at job place and the second was after I watched a movie by mistake known as "Apna Sapna Money Money"...what a pathetic movie!!!!

anyways two separate blogs are gonna cater to the above two experiences..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Long time no blogs

Thats a sad thing...I am not getting enuf time to write..Thats a pity..not getting time for your beloved is something very sad..Thats because of the hectic schedule around me which were all centred around me...

Be it going to home and then going to station to pick my Mama or some programs design that I had to deliver in almost no time. These were the things that kept occupying me whole of the while..

The trip to raipur was great..Sorry cant tell why !!

The next stud giri after all those in daiict was to come home on weekends when I have an exam on Monday..studied almost nothing at was having a fear of failing..but to my surprised and happyness I passed it comfortably..

ha ha ha ....pity the examiner...

and what else? come next week and the home is again unavoidable coz that time my Mama will be leaving...

but by then ..I really need to come out with something creative to write.

Lets see.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No ideas

Sometimes back, I read an article on "how to become a writer"? That was a good article..apart from the normal things that the article spoke about, there was a point in it..that made it special and an awe inspiring one.

The point was that every one who writes should call himself a writer..hitherto , I used to think that I am not a writer but not now..the article talks about the mentality that needs to be in the mind before writing..

the funda is : Not everyone earns through writing, but that doesnt mean anything..

anyways , now a days I am reading very less and so ideas for writing are still lesser..Unbelievably I havent read the newspaper of the last 3 days, for any reason..I sincerely believe , reading is a pre-requisite to writing...still I could manage to write my previous posts..
but that scope is over..I am running out of topics..But writing habit must be maintained anyhow..

The example is very bad but its very much like the daily activities that we do ...( think think!!) , be it after a puff of "sutta" or after a glass of water for non smokers like me..

Analogy works everywhere ..isnt it??

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long time no Terrorists

9/11, 7/11...what next ???

Man, what are these guys doing? No terrorists attack since last bloody 4 months..common this is not done...Indians are in the habit of getting attacked by terrorists..Atleast after the parliament attack and the latest mumbai locals flame which is the most vulnerable thing in the world after grades in the exam. Terrorists, where are you guys yaar..go to Dadar bridge ..its already defunct..

Actually, this is even more dangerous ..No attack since 4 months means some naughty terrorist is planning some thing even more obscene. Indian army seriously needs to think on their toes now a days..I am actually now a days very uncertain of how the things are happening..anything can happen to any one..

A good news: With the globalization of terrorism , nations are having their solidarity stronger..This is an irony..Nations which previously use to have relations saying " Ohh you are also there? " are having a trade agreement because of this new Ism called "Terror-ism"..This is an irony equivalent to the irony which says India is more competitive because of the more engineer force , thanks to the train in night which makes the couple active during night( not mine, but a survey finding)..

With lots of people called terrorists not content with the way things are working, more money is spend to trained them then is required to train a random guy at Infosys..He he ..good , If I am not being over wierd in my imaginations , days are not far when there 'll be centers catering terrorism education with a legitimate degree..Then like we have GEC in Infy Mysore..there will be a GTC( Global Terrorism Center) in Iraq or taliban..

But what of the hands on lab sessions like students in Infosys get..of course yaar, terrorism is a very innovative name the variety and they have it..they will say their guys to go to Mumbai and then delhi and finally to calcutta to bomb some "explosives" to iron out any confusions they had in their training..

Lage gandhigiri an answer to this?? only he knows..

Monday, November 13, 2006

Home trips

Yahoo..!!! after the rainy season is over and we all are entering into the winters..its actually raining some thing else..dont guess...its raining home trips for me..after the last week trip I am again set to join the friday train again to go to Raipur.

I am very happy about this. Even while I was departing , I had this comfort feeling of " going to come back after 1 week" need not to feel bad..

This time the trip's gonna be special as there would be some guests in her home..

In work front these days, its chillax period..less work and more fun right now everything working fine..

Just waiting for some good company call and then things will take some good financial shape..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Career Path

People have started asking me as to what are the exams, I am going to write.The reason, CAT is coming..The gate way by which you get an entry to the "in thing " in the world, the MBA degree..True..

MBA as I remember by my good old roomy, Kulpreet, has been called the shortcut to success..This was when I used to work for Reliance Infocomm, very much against my will.
The reasons were obvious I didnt have good CPI to back me for a good job..the blackest spot of my life..Another reason was my GATE score which genuinely kept on reminding me that I wasn't a Reliance material..(specially after my making it to some course at IIT Madras)

That was back 2005 , when I had views that I only wanted to pursue MTech in the field of my choice..Time has passed and I have grown bit professional and allegedly mature too..thanks to constant push by my brother who has in this "3 more months of professional exp than me" seen multicultural dynamics in the work with multifolds the amount of experience I have.

This and our previous relationship never allowed me to judge his decisions for my career, though he could any time. I never knew at that time that I could write a blog on it later. Anyways, even now a seed of GATE remains though most of the seeds have been uprooted by me which planted the MTech tree.

But the fact remains that I am still not able to define my careerpath. Still the fact remains that no such mission statement to define my career trajectory exists in my mind..still I think my career in terms of some Tech work..That may be because I havent seen the MBAs doing some the solution could be for me to find out what are the things that an MBA can do and then find it out if some of it interests me..

The money issue has started striking ..what is the package of this guy and that gal?
The only way to escape those nightmares is to blog..this doesnt mean that I am escaping my current work..I am according to my seniors doing very well in the work.To satisfy that thirst the next logical step could be a job switch. That could be and could be not a satisfying experience in terms of the amount of work and respect..

So, I am confused at present whether to join the job switching band wagon or something else..
some body come up with an answer and tell me..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The day is coming...

When I left home after diwali , i was thinking , it 'd be too long to stay in bhubaneswar for 3 weeks ..The weeks have finally passed and the awaited weekend is approaching. Yes, I will go home this weekend..People ask me so what ? That is because they do not understand my pleasure..

Journey has always been an awaited affair for me..and I have executed those affairs perfectly even in the most difficult times..That includes going to Kanpur for an academic interview amidst my Brother tying the knots...

That was a very painfull thing to do but I did it..

Also, sometimes I think that whats the use of writing down these things..for people who think there is no use ..the answer is No..there is use..If there is no use of writing it down then probably there is no use of taking the pics by camera..sounds random??

Not really, a text written in the form of blog is as good as pic taken by a camera..Its just that the file type of the remembrance is different..One is .jpeg and other is .txt...I hope people are understanding the point..when you take some pic you can see it after some years..Thanks to , we can even see our posts before our eye years after.

Its then upto the writer to write as much the details he wants to remember later, just like its upto the person taking the pic to take a good here is where writing has got another advantage other than the obvious sayings that "it straightens your muddled thoughts"..true..before writing it I can say that I only have an idea about the same in some zig zag puzzle form..To fit the right parts across each other is then attained after I write it down.

and writing should according to me should catch given the point that an Indian has won the bookers prize again after Arundhati and Salman Rushdie..

I started with my journey and ended up appreciating Miss desai for winning the bookers..
Thats the beauty of words..they can take you from the ghat of Ganga to the ghat of Brahmaputra in no time...

Attrition rate

Some days before Infosys witnessed its silver jubilee ..The official name of the function was Silvosys..Its very matches with the first club that I offered to initiate known as "sudiposys" i am actually happy that my ideas are reciprocated at some level to name a very imp fest for Infosys.

Other than Rahul vaidya attending the function and rock the junta with his melodious voice the only other attraction other than of course food was one of the founders of the Infosys , Kris attending the function and taking an open house in which the employees could ask him the question inpromptu.

Inquisitive as I am , I asked him the last question of the event which he was not able to answer and said me that " he thinks , I am right and will take my question as an input to the higher level"..huh, what higher than him??

All said and done I am still not content with the current way the people get promoted in Infy.
I wanted to take atleast speak for 15 minutes explaining him my following doubt..

The average age in Infosys is about 26-27..That means that people stay here for 2-3 years and then leave the firm..There can be many reasons for this phenomenon..One of the most important reason is the IT boom that preavils in the country. But one of the major reasons are the lack of possible posts in Infy...

I dont know why they dont go for creating more posts like Senior Software engineer of which the obvious code would be SSE..or why dont they create posts like Senior Project Analyst when they have a post named SP meaning Senior Project they mean that senior and junior matter at that PM level only.

Certainly not..The management needs to understand few points..One, the only motivation for a common man is money and not loyalty to the firm..founders please excuse me , you are not a common man..second, if a person doesnt observes his effort appreciated then there is no point in crawling in the company campus...Third, when we say the Infy work force ...we mean people who are more than 2 yrs old in the company..they are the real Infoscions..the software warriors..The manager who is sitting in a chair and doing some job of allocation of work to the module leaders is not the warrior.

So, most imp for the company is to preserve these senior resources..also, more than getting good people in the company, its more important to retain good people..lest some TCS conducts some walkin and take these 2.1 yrs old employees for a fat package..

so HRs please understand, take this advice from my side..see, its very easy to say that no body is dispensible , but certainly it will send the jitters down the spine to the PM when some senior official leaves coz of the point that he is not able to get what some other companies could offer him.

so, stop these senior employees..its very hard to build an employee upto that can leave some very important tasks upon those guys which god forbidding PMs will have to do by their own , which they wont , as according to them " Hum bhi bahut mehnat kiye hain, ab tum karo"

The 80-20 rules works every where ..starting from the code stating that "80 % of the code takes 20% of time and 20% of the code takes 80% of the time " to the people who actually code them " 80 % of the people do 20 % of the work and 20 % of the people do 80 % of the work"

Hey some body is calling me...Ohhh No, what???? Guys, Ramesh who joined in 2004 has left the firm and joined some other firm as Senior software engineer....

Infy...learn something...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Advice for Freshers

Here am I ..Just completed my 1.5 years in professional world and ready with a bunch of advices for the freshers who want to enter the software industry. This advices are based on the general scenario which I observe among the freshers on daily basis.

1) Be Professional: The freshers very much need to understand that its no more the XYZ institute of tech who used to challenge them to break the rules and get a loophole to escape through them. In other words its not their college viva. Its real world. Any mistake to mistake the real world with their hostel rooms and coullegues as their "roomy " can be harmful. They need to understand that all what companies want and mean is business. Show the interviewer that you mean business.

2) Dont Bluff: Dont bluff about your achievements before the interviewer. Chances are that he is a smarter guy who has seen the world more than you have and will make you climb your own cobweb to break it. Be true and show that independent of anything you want to learn and move ahead in life.

3) Communication skills : Develop a habit to speak in english even when it is not required. That will remove the fear to speak the same on the dooms day. The reason for peoples bad english is unhabituation with the language. The person who thinks in english doesnt have this fear , just like we dont have fear speaking in hindi. So, the key is think in english and remove that barrier.

4) Be realistic : Showing the interviewer that in some 5 years you want to rule the world is definitely not a good idea. Be sensible when told to gauge your future. Dont say that " i want to be PM in 5 yrs." .. Mean that you want to move up the hierarchy rather than naming the designations. Moreover try to show your long terms goals will match with that of the company interviewing.

5) Keep smiling : A smile conveys a very positive message when you are in an interview. So independent of what you feel for the interviewer keep smiling..That doesnt mean that you will ad for close up ..try to show that you are in a positive mood and ready to do your best.

6) Dont try too hard : Dont make a mistake of showing the interviewer that you are in a desperate need of a job. Be normal with a professional attitude meaning " you need me and I need you" ...dont ever say "please" and other over pursuative words.

Remember , no body is doing favour need them and they need you so be composed and professional.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Idea in the process of nurturing.

I have nothing much to write, as my mind is already occupied with the exam fever. I am having an exam on Monday which I need to pass..Its after some 9 months that I am going to take some exam.

Nevertheless, as I am very fascinated with the missed call protocolor rather say obsessed( please excuse me ), so I will try my level best to suggest something which makes use of transmitting a portion to indicate the start of the process or how if the processes are make on the advent of a missed call.

Just kidding..Missed call is nothing but a portion of data which should have been actually transmitted. so any process which transmits any unit amount of data for initiating a process can use this idea..if that data can be efficiently broken down to some less data which could be then transmitted...

About the weather, the "Mausam" here is very romantic and ideal for couples..every where on the sky you can see some patches of miniature clouds. It seems like a scene of Garden at the collectorate of raipur where Moms leave their kids to play and then these kids form a group..

From infy, the view is very sexy and picturesque..and I am having my exam...( he he he , the punishment by nature)...

Missing my old good frds with whom I have passed the Heaven days...

There is still little sleep in my mind after sleeping in the dorm for about 2 hours..I guess it will decay exponentially once my blog data goes up exponentially...

To chalo then, cya guys...

Keep reading ...

Friday, November 03, 2006

RGV's sholay

I am an ardent fan of RGV ( ram gopal verma)...I have watched almost every movie of his..Recently I watched his " Shiva" ..the remake of the old shiva..although junta didn't , but I was preety okay with the movie.

The movie was typical RGV with all the ingredients that his earlier movies all other movies this movie had mumbai as the shooting location.., had same a tense music flowing in the back ground for almost all of the relevant time and a seducing song.

The hero which RGV has already declared an "all in 1 " at the time of James..was as silent as always..but that was reqd..the result..people came out saying "Mohit ehlawat ko acting nahin aati" ..Nisha was looking georgeous..

That said, it had typical RGV screenplay and same hard to believe fundaes that he had shared from his "company"..( "baat ek ki nahin, soch ki hai")..just like he had in company..( " aadmee ko ye batana padta hai ki vo kabhi bhi khaas se aam ban sakta hai")...

The reason why I love and respect RGV is his own thinking and perception about the life, the movie and the world...he is not a typical director like KJ who deploys SRK for making his movie hit or uses the fundaes like " its all about loving ur parents"..he has his own sense of the happenings in the world and depicts them with little flaw.

The movies like road,kaun, satya and of course Company are testimony to the above lines..

well, the news is RGV is launching " sholay" again..the sholay by his perception. The movie is already a controversy's child..Movie giants including Hema Malini and Sippy have already started giving not that positive comments about it..

People are saying " Movies like sholay are not made twice"..give me a break..people should take it in a way that why did RGV choose only sholay and not any other movie?? Its only because of the larger than life image of the movie..In my view movies like sholay needs to be remaked.

and again we have ..RGV with his perception..Hema malini is Nisha.., dhanno is Laila.. and Jaya bachhan is Sushmita...amitabh is again Mohit..I dont have much knowledge as to who is dharam paa ji..

and thats what RGV has said..that its not the copy of earlier sholay that he has to take permission from sippys ..its his perception of sholay in the modern scenario..

well said RGV..Engineers always have their own has RGV.

continue the good job..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things I miss

Ever since I have joined Infy Bhubaneswar I have tried to cover the things I miss by some alternatives . But over a stint of time they unveil themselves and I finally start missing them desparately.

The first thing that i would name I miss from my past exp is nariman point of Mumbai, better called as NP. I miss the breeze . I miss the indifferent crowd and I miss the sofisticated atmosphere of there.

apart from that now a days I am missing Crosswords of ahmedabad. I still remember the Mithakali lane of ahd where we used to go and have some shopping with a bit of page rustling of a plethora of books.

It was an all in one lane..It had some good show rooms , pantaloons and this crosswords..also there was the best market of ahd near by known as CG road..

Now that i want a book( read my 3rd post) ...I am missing crosswords like a despo.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Auto Business

I live in the sailashree vihar area of Bhubaneswar from where Infosys is very near by . The commute is 4-5 minutes by auto. Still we commute by auto only as the distance is near to 2km.

The autos here are not like the auto of raipur and have a preety good pick up.
I noted it the first time I boarded the auto.

Catching the auto comprises of giving a missed call to the auto valla and then he giving me an acknowledgement of the same. Note that I dont give back a missed call otherwise it could have been the 3 way handshake used in TCP protocol.

we go by auto. The notable point is whenever the auto vallas cross some other auto valla who is his acquiant he tells him a house number..The recieving auto valla otherwise could have gone raoming "lukkha " here and there but now he has a purpose to go to that house.

This telling of house is also based on a missed call by some other Infoscion while my auto vaala would be escorting me. My auto valla although busy tells the other guy that he is coming.Its very much like PSTN( Public Service Telephone Network) where you think that the whole of Bandwidth is for you although you are being given a time slot.

I am preety impressed by this business model and wish it could be used some where in the emerging technologies..or if some other business model could also use it.

Mostly, business models are built using "cut the rival share from the pie" funda but this auto business cant run that way.

Hope to think in this direction and come with some idea nurturing good business or technology..

New Habit.

I have been from quite some time advocating the reading habit.
my targets are going up by leaps and bounds. I want to read as much as possible.

The only problem is that my standard of thinking in english is improving very much. I am still a collegian at heart . Thanks to DA-IICT for atleast having an all encompassing culture that made me feel to write.

I was always thinking of writing something good for the creating writing group of DA-IICT but couldn't gather enuf courage , probably because of the fear of converting into a laughing stock as I have seen some of the best people in literature that includes my batchmates..

Nonetheless, I have started writing and the IPO in the form of blogging is floating in the BSE( Blogger stock exchange) ..

I think that writing is the only thing that I do with passion atleast these days..although I am sure that this fad is gonna die soon. Every person according to me has or should have an outlet for creativity in this world where most of the things are copy paste business.

who knows it better than me who is working for a Maintenance project at Infosys.

No offence intended for Infy( my frds who are actually a true Infoscion ( as they call themselves) at heart would kill me)

I want to write as much as I can..Lets see how high the splash goes.!!!!

a Book

From quite a some time I have been trying to get a good book. The book should be inspirational in nature and should not be like typical " how to achieve xyz in 9 days" article from rediff.

Once I found a book named "straight from gut" by jack welch. But some how I procastrinated the effort to buy it.

I deeply feel that for future wealth generation all the impulsive shopping should be avoided.

Mostly the things fascinates you for a couple of days and then you start losing your interest.

Nevertheless, I think I need another book.

The last inspirational book I read was Desi Dream Merchants.

It was from the founder of mica and the writer of The invisible CEO.

also, I am looking forward to compile all my experience which taught me a great deal and write a book.

But when will that happen. Only God knows.