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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The day is coming...

When I left home after diwali , i was thinking , it 'd be too long to stay in bhubaneswar for 3 weeks ..The weeks have finally passed and the awaited weekend is approaching. Yes, I will go home this weekend..People ask me so what ? That is because they do not understand my pleasure..

Journey has always been an awaited affair for me..and I have executed those affairs perfectly even in the most difficult times..That includes going to Kanpur for an academic interview amidst my Brother tying the knots...

That was a very painfull thing to do but I did it..

Also, sometimes I think that whats the use of writing down these things..for people who think there is no use ..the answer is No..there is use..If there is no use of writing it down then probably there is no use of taking the pics by camera..sounds random??

Not really, a text written in the form of blog is as good as pic taken by a camera..Its just that the file type of the remembrance is different..One is .jpeg and other is .txt...I hope people are understanding the point..when you take some pic you can see it after some years..Thanks to , we can even see our posts before our eye years after.

Its then upto the writer to write as much the details he wants to remember later, just like its upto the person taking the pic to take a good here is where writing has got another advantage other than the obvious sayings that "it straightens your muddled thoughts"..true..before writing it I can say that I only have an idea about the same in some zig zag puzzle form..To fit the right parts across each other is then attained after I write it down.

and writing should according to me should catch given the point that an Indian has won the bookers prize again after Arundhati and Salman Rushdie..

I started with my journey and ended up appreciating Miss desai for winning the bookers..
Thats the beauty of words..they can take you from the ghat of Ganga to the ghat of Brahmaputra in no time...


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