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Friday, July 30, 2010

Idea by chance

The weekend has already started and I was as usual sitting at my laptop while reading some routine pages. This time mint. Some body pinged me and when we were done with the discussion I was staring at my gtalk window. I realized that out of several punters that I am watching live on gtalk there are many with whom I never chat ( incidently). Many who just say me "ayush i am bzee right now" and still many to whom I dont reply or say "will get back to you" only to sit silently and feel relaxed when I receive their ok. Dont get me wrong..we all do this..ask yourself ??

What if google does it for you ? I mean its so simple. You dont chat with someone. have not chatted with someone for years..why doesnt google asks us " are you sure you want to keep this guy/gal shining in your inbox " with his stupid status messages like " I said No to Yahoo..!! they were not paying me good " ?? such bragging should be absolutely prohibited in the first place. Ok Ok..we have a way. Imagine an application which keeps track of your chat people and based on the rule set by the user goes and deletes it..ofcourse it asks you "are u sure " for formality.

I think it makes lot of sense to do so..I mean why see that guy when you dont want to see. Why to bear the cost. Dont get me wrong again..we have an inherent cost and risk associated with those guys...pain in mind is a risk and a cost both . soother..I am not just becoming sadist. Here is a corollary. The application also keeps record of the last time you chatted with the person and if you chat with a person ...say once in 3 days roughly..give you a pop up saying " you havent chatted with Tom since last 4 days "..Good way of maintaining relationship with people you see this pop up and ping that person...relationship intact. What better than technology doing what your wife is supposed to do ?? What if you are deliberately doing this ?? I mean what if you are deliberately increasing the gap from your friend ?? simple it will see the trend..1 day, 3 day, 5 day ..what next ?? yes..remind you after 7 days. Cute naa ?? Got to idea.

In a nutshell the analytics in me thinks of this as another way of understanding your customer...his likes..( with whom his chat ) and his dislikes ( opposite ) and suggest him actions.
All it takes is keeping some tracking of data.

Any suggestions ?? improvements ?? Please comment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just like that...

Its 12 at night. The day has already ended and I need to go to office. Rehna tu...from dilli 6 has been running in my laptop since last 10 minutes and I am endlessly and aimlessly surfing the net..yes internet. What has happened to human life that people are just not ready to leave the laptop, pc or their other technology variants ( palm top, notepad etc..) . If I tell you my basic time table : I come from office and simply go and switch on the cooler while unwearing my shoes and socks. I dont even wait for half an hour and my hands automatically go to my desk and take out my laptop. I switch it on and start surfing the same sites. Wondering if any body has updated something in the facebook or any fuc**** other site. Aimlessly. I dont say that I always do this but most of the time my first 2 sites are either facebook and .

I wonder if I will be like this for the rest of the life ?? bloody I see the same machine the whole day in my office and here I start seeing the same thing again.. No swimming learning..and thanks to my worthless roomies, no updates from them either. There was a time in India when PCs ( yes when no laptop was there ) were the forte of either schools or colleges or so called affluent section of the society who looked esteemedly high in their eyes with that start of the art PC. And here you cook has a laptop. Yes seriously..what ?? dont believe me ?? he tells me and many times asks me whether I am part of this networking site and that networking site. He socializes probably more than me..yes..all in internet and yes, he knows google maps and he can locate his village in Uttarakhand in no time . Most importantly he behaves as normally after knowing this as I behave after knowing less known statistical techniques imperative for my job. This at times makes me feel insecure because now I am not the only so called tech savvy self proclaimed workaholic.

Yes..this is good..but I think when we go ahead in life we tend to regress towards past and feel bad that why this has happened. We were this in past and that in past..Teachers of our school and profs of college take a centre stage of our discussion. I know I can be a pain now but going deep I think we tend to think proud that we passed those days successfully and standing at par with the world. 15 years before consulting firms like Mckinsey projected that every home will have PC in India. People laughed at 'em and today every body has laptop..pooh..PC is a passe and after some time laptop 'll be a passe. Dont be surprised if tommorow Micromax collabarates with Dell to make a PC which has a standing time of 15 hrs...sighs !!!! nothing..carry on with your work...I'll carry with my facebook gibbering here and there..

By the way.." Rehna Tu " is still ironic..the lines are "rehna tu..hai jaise tu "...

I am no more the way I was..are you ???

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Teary eyed..

Yeah..I know boys are not supposed to get wet eyed. The shallow principles of being male. But the piece to follow will make every bachelor feel the same. Read this and you shall thank me.

Happy Reading !!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA ends..

Yess..One sec. No this is not the post to analyse how the Spaniards ditch and dodge the dutch to take the world cup. Frankly speaking I dont even know who will take the world cup. The line above is just my gut feeling keeping in mind the basic analytics of the spain game so far. I am not doing this. Its still 11:30 India time and we have some more time for the game to start. This post is just my heartfelt for what does it mean for the FIFA to end ? Dig yourself. Is it a just another competition culminating ? Fomme No. I am getting constant goosebumps inside the guts. Something similar to what happened when the T20 cup ended. Another time it happened when I was a kid and ganesha festival was about to end when me and my elder brother went to the near by lake to drown the idol of lord ganesha. We cried after it. Reason ?? We were missing Ganesha ji and we could not believe the 11 day fest is ending. It was like cremating some dear one of yours. Nothing to look forward to now when you come back from school. That time worshiping ganesha was the order of the day. My brother used to take the lead and I followed suit.

I can feel similar. Just that the God is replaced by football Gods. No more follow ups. No more prediction now and no more looking forward to the emotional melodrama that happens when a person gets an unexpected yellow card. No more will I see young dudes in Gurgaon endorsing Brazil, Argentina and Spain with their T shirts. For the shops it means no more keeping a football T shirt and for the kids in my park which I see from the balcony of my second floored flat, no more practising the dribble to emulate Messi , Kaka and Mueller. No more going to the office now and discussing with my colleagues the toe pass which lead spain to hit the gigantic decided goal and confidentially ( no more mails from the foreign clients expressing their sorrows, happyness ). Some times I feel that the emotional content that comes inside you with the event is directly proportional to the emotions exhibited in the venue. For football - in the field.

Truly, football is one game that teases people who get up for a toilet break in the hope that nothings gonna happen in this time only to come back and regret their lack of control for the waste that made 'em waste the goal that just happened. Such is the unpredictibility of the game that anything happens in 30 seconds. You cant ignore the nth corner coz the n-1 th corner didn't produce a goal. No. The law of mathematical induction doesnt apply here. As a general rule emotions are bound to grow higher where you cant predict with a mathematical equation. Where you can predict the equation the emotions tend to adjust themselves so as to produce the lowest decibel equivalent. No surprise then that in Football people start crying as soon as they loose. Confessing : I almost cried when Argentina lost to Germany. People expected Arg to win. When they conceeded the first goal people said ( including me ) thats it. Now no more goals..when the result was out it was 4-0.

It prooves the shall always have the last laugh..