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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Movie Review -- Vicky Donor

Different !!, Out of league !!, "hat ke " are some of the words that come inside my mind when I think of this movie, 12 hrs after I watched it. If there is one guy you would keep looking for after watching this movie, it has to be director of the movie. Of course apart from the Stalwart Anu Kapoor who proved that you can take out the actor from bollwood but you can't take out the acting from the actor.

Vicky Donor is easily one of the best movies you will have seen in 2012. Very well directed and scripted. Despite the issue handled in the movie being " not so comfortable" you'd forget the issue as you watch the movie and your attention would be totally towards something else. That's what we call direction. When the audience are more concerned about reality than the depicted vulgarity.

VD is all about D'ing. Donating. The protagonist, Vicky is a typical happy go lucky chill pill punjabi guy who proverbially takes life as it comes each day. Least concerned about whats going on around him and just making enough for the day to venture the next day. Not independent by any standards, he helps his mom( very rarely as shown) in the beauty parlour that runs right below their house. Accompanied by his Mother and Grand Mother, he is shown to have brought up in that utensil breaking argument atmosphere.

Dr. Chaddha ( anu kapoor) watches him a day and predicts with all uncertainty in his mind that Vicky will  be a money churner for their business, which was all about arranging sperms from able enough people for the disabled to have kid customers. It was all about arranging happiness in a small bottle that could result in incremented member in the customer's family.

Dr chases, pursues and cajoles in his tactical way to make Vicky agree to donate sperm for his clientele and in turn shows him the easy life that is waiting for Vicky to be enjoyed. Professionally and diplomatically Dr advises Vicky to avoid every activity that would waste sperms count which in turn might reduce the scope of business. But what happened had to happen. The cupid had to struck. Vicky falls in love with an employee of bank and genuinely plans his life with her.

How does that reduce the scope of business and increases the problem for Dr? Who would take precedence , the doctor or the beloved ? How does the beloved react to Vicky's profession ? Did they continue living happily ever after or did they part their ways ? Did the doctor come to any use for Vicky apart from giving him money for sperms is something movie answers for you.

The movie has some touching moments which would almost make you touch that corner of your eye for a drop of tear. Like vise, the movie has numerous laughter moments and some moments which would almost make your spouse look at you with embarrassment. But that is essential for the topic undertaken. Specially in Indian Scenario.The songs are very well sung and apt in the place and after watching the beautifully shot Rum whisky song one tends to think of " Monsoon Wedding ", the Mira Nair Flick.

The shown Bong-Punjabi cultural disconnect is something we have to appreciate , independent of our caste. I remember seeing the same disconnect in a sony tv family soap " Kya Hua Tera Vaada". A different way to attach suitable adjectives like "complicated sperm" instantly makes you understand the lying subtlety.

All in All, a must watch and outstandingly  true cinema that should potentially shake that social issue person inside you and would make you hymn those songs and remember the moments long after you watched.

Happy Watching !!


Blogger Experienced Buddha said...

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2:51 AM

Blogger Experienced Buddha said...

Very well composed review. I've always been a fan of ur writng abilities and you havent dissapointed me this time either.

I'd like to comment for scene where Vicky's Mom and Grand mom consumed ethanol. I believe it is the first of its kind where bahu and saas (elderly enough) are boozing together adding a funnier part to the film. Later the viewers were told the reason behind the daily boozing habits of ladies.

Full regards for Annu Kapoor, the veteran. To quote one out of many, I liked the scissor-like action which Annu Kapoor did with his fingers while raising his arms whenever he explained about sperms, depicting its very shape.

The debutants, Ayusshhmann Khuranna and Yami Gautam, looked great. Their acting was mediocre but I would give them benefit of doubt considering it was their introduction to bollywood.

All in all a refreshing movie. 3.75 rating.

2:57 AM


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