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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was going today shopping with one of my friends when we were discussing the issue of pregnancy. The issue that couples sometimes have problems having kids and sometimes have kids by chance as they also call "happened by mistake". Though I dont really know on the lighter side, the brighter side is this idea that struck my head as we were travelling. What if pregnancy could be controlled ?? No...please I am not talking about protection. I aint talking about i-pills. I am talking about this..

Say..a couple thinks they dont want to have baby till next 9 mths..or say next t time. They want to continue their normal life and gal doesnt want i-pills on daily or on "unwanted 72 hrs". What if their is a drug which could be injected to them. Then ?? What would/should happen is the drug decay by its own half life formula..or may be someother formula. Taking in consideration the body's metabolism rate or whatever rate which could consume the drug this drug should die down in 9 ths. If the drug is radioactive in nature it would be like this. N= N(t=0)* e ^(-lambda*t). Now if the threshold drug content which when acted would render the gal unpregnant is M then M= N(t=0)* e^(-lambda*t) and this t should be 9mths.

This could save everybody's so many efforts. Of course the biggest requirement is it should not have unbearable side effects. It should be limited amount in nature and most important it should be negatable in nature. That is if I want to decrease after sometime the time to 4 mths , I should be able to do it..

Imagine..can this be done ?? Tell me what do you think about this ?


Blogger Abhimanu said...

Nothing is impossible considering the rapid pace and discoveries of medical science.

8:15 AM


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