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Monday, November 20, 2006

Long time no blogs

Thats a sad thing...I am not getting enuf time to write..Thats a pity..not getting time for your beloved is something very sad..Thats because of the hectic schedule around me which were all centred around me...

Be it going to home and then going to station to pick my Mama or some programs design that I had to deliver in almost no time. These were the things that kept occupying me whole of the while..

The trip to raipur was great..Sorry cant tell why !!

The next stud giri after all those in daiict was to come home on weekends when I have an exam on Monday..studied almost nothing at was having a fear of failing..but to my surprised and happyness I passed it comfortably..

ha ha ha ....pity the examiner...

and what else? come next week and the home is again unavoidable coz that time my Mama will be leaving...

but by then ..I really need to come out with something creative to write.

Lets see.


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