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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Career Path

People have started asking me as to what are the exams, I am going to write.The reason, CAT is coming..The gate way by which you get an entry to the "in thing " in the world, the MBA degree..True..

MBA as I remember by my good old roomy, Kulpreet, has been called the shortcut to success..This was when I used to work for Reliance Infocomm, very much against my will.
The reasons were obvious I didnt have good CPI to back me for a good job..the blackest spot of my life..Another reason was my GATE score which genuinely kept on reminding me that I wasn't a Reliance material..(specially after my making it to some course at IIT Madras)

That was back 2005 , when I had views that I only wanted to pursue MTech in the field of my choice..Time has passed and I have grown bit professional and allegedly mature too..thanks to constant push by my brother who has in this "3 more months of professional exp than me" seen multicultural dynamics in the work with multifolds the amount of experience I have.

This and our previous relationship never allowed me to judge his decisions for my career, though he could any time. I never knew at that time that I could write a blog on it later. Anyways, even now a seed of GATE remains though most of the seeds have been uprooted by me which planted the MTech tree.

But the fact remains that I am still not able to define my careerpath. Still the fact remains that no such mission statement to define my career trajectory exists in my mind..still I think my career in terms of some Tech work..That may be because I havent seen the MBAs doing some the solution could be for me to find out what are the things that an MBA can do and then find it out if some of it interests me..

The money issue has started striking ..what is the package of this guy and that gal?
The only way to escape those nightmares is to blog..this doesnt mean that I am escaping my current work..I am according to my seniors doing very well in the work.To satisfy that thirst the next logical step could be a job switch. That could be and could be not a satisfying experience in terms of the amount of work and respect..

So, I am confused at present whether to join the job switching band wagon or something else..
some body come up with an answer and tell me..


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