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Friday, November 03, 2006

RGV's sholay

I am an ardent fan of RGV ( ram gopal verma)...I have watched almost every movie of his..Recently I watched his " Shiva" ..the remake of the old shiva..although junta didn't , but I was preety okay with the movie.

The movie was typical RGV with all the ingredients that his earlier movies all other movies this movie had mumbai as the shooting location.., had same a tense music flowing in the back ground for almost all of the relevant time and a seducing song.

The hero which RGV has already declared an "all in 1 " at the time of James..was as silent as always..but that was reqd..the result..people came out saying "Mohit ehlawat ko acting nahin aati" ..Nisha was looking georgeous..

That said, it had typical RGV screenplay and same hard to believe fundaes that he had shared from his "company"..( "baat ek ki nahin, soch ki hai")..just like he had in company..( " aadmee ko ye batana padta hai ki vo kabhi bhi khaas se aam ban sakta hai")...

The reason why I love and respect RGV is his own thinking and perception about the life, the movie and the world...he is not a typical director like KJ who deploys SRK for making his movie hit or uses the fundaes like " its all about loving ur parents"..he has his own sense of the happenings in the world and depicts them with little flaw.

The movies like road,kaun, satya and of course Company are testimony to the above lines..

well, the news is RGV is launching " sholay" again..the sholay by his perception. The movie is already a controversy's child..Movie giants including Hema Malini and Sippy have already started giving not that positive comments about it..

People are saying " Movies like sholay are not made twice"..give me a break..people should take it in a way that why did RGV choose only sholay and not any other movie?? Its only because of the larger than life image of the movie..In my view movies like sholay needs to be remaked.

and again we have ..RGV with his perception..Hema malini is Nisha.., dhanno is Laila.. and Jaya bachhan is Sushmita...amitabh is again Mohit..I dont have much knowledge as to who is dharam paa ji..

and thats what RGV has said..that its not the copy of earlier sholay that he has to take permission from sippys ..its his perception of sholay in the modern scenario..

well said RGV..Engineers always have their own has RGV.

continue the good job..


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