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Friday, November 24, 2006

Yet another home trip

So, the week has passed again. The clock has started indicating the time close to 6, when I can move out of the office without giving any explanation to any bloody "smiling monster" who smiles in the same form as the characters in " Alif Laila" used to be , better known as "aiyaar"..
For those who never watched AL, aiyaar is some one who disguises himself to fulfill his motive.

This week was full of learning experience , the most being how to pass time when the movie is a real bad bad as ASMM( apna sapna money-2)..and the next is: how to deal with people who make you stay in the office without any task and smile at you in the party...ha ha ha ..

I didnt have enuf work to be bzee this week and as a result I am writing blogs over blogs..another reason is I am getting topics which are real and motivate me to write over them..after all , how will a man clear his buffer if he doesnt writes, let alone speak to his invader.

All said and done, the train is due for close to the sign off needs to be done by 6:00pm..Nopes, not at 5:59 pm because that would entitle me for an explanation whether I am taking the work lightly..

hope to do some good work down at home this time.. The biggest tention at present however is the cold weather outside , yes outside , guys I am sitting in AC writing at night it 'd be real cold ..That when faced with fast moving train exacerbates the scene..

I hope I get the time to take the tickets this time unlike the previous time when I couldnt take the tickets because of the time restrictions, only to give fine to TC. I again hope to face the morning sun at 8:30 at the nearest station to raipur..Thats a real good thing to do, when a fast moving train passes by ,denying all the human superiority.I really enjoy watching that train as close as 4 feet keeping myself unmoved.

Nopes , I shouldnt do that as at home is waiting the delicacies by Maa . I would eat it like a trencherman this time..


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