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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Habit.

I have been from quite some time advocating the reading habit.
my targets are going up by leaps and bounds. I want to read as much as possible.

The only problem is that my standard of thinking in english is improving very much. I am still a collegian at heart . Thanks to DA-IICT for atleast having an all encompassing culture that made me feel to write.

I was always thinking of writing something good for the creating writing group of DA-IICT but couldn't gather enuf courage , probably because of the fear of converting into a laughing stock as I have seen some of the best people in literature that includes my batchmates..

Nonetheless, I have started writing and the IPO in the form of blogging is floating in the BSE( Blogger stock exchange) ..

I think that writing is the only thing that I do with passion atleast these days..although I am sure that this fad is gonna die soon. Every person according to me has or should have an outlet for creativity in this world where most of the things are copy paste business.

who knows it better than me who is working for a Maintenance project at Infosys.

No offence intended for Infy( my frds who are actually a true Infoscion ( as they call themselves) at heart would kill me)

I want to write as much as I can..Lets see how high the splash goes.!!!!


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