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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Auto Business

I live in the sailashree vihar area of Bhubaneswar from where Infosys is very near by . The commute is 4-5 minutes by auto. Still we commute by auto only as the distance is near to 2km.

The autos here are not like the auto of raipur and have a preety good pick up.
I noted it the first time I boarded the auto.

Catching the auto comprises of giving a missed call to the auto valla and then he giving me an acknowledgement of the same. Note that I dont give back a missed call otherwise it could have been the 3 way handshake used in TCP protocol.

we go by auto. The notable point is whenever the auto vallas cross some other auto valla who is his acquiant he tells him a house number..The recieving auto valla otherwise could have gone raoming "lukkha " here and there but now he has a purpose to go to that house.

This telling of house is also based on a missed call by some other Infoscion while my auto vaala would be escorting me. My auto valla although busy tells the other guy that he is coming.Its very much like PSTN( Public Service Telephone Network) where you think that the whole of Bandwidth is for you although you are being given a time slot.

I am preety impressed by this business model and wish it could be used some where in the emerging technologies..or if some other business model could also use it.

Mostly, business models are built using "cut the rival share from the pie" funda but this auto business cant run that way.

Hope to think in this direction and come with some idea nurturing good business or technology..


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