Its getting better everyday..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Winter arrives

Last night we had a major weather reversal at Bhubaneswar. The temp suddenly went low by some 4-5 degrees. Anyways by no standards could that be called a cold weather say by the standards of a delhiite. Note that i am not from delhi.

The major discussion which went into my room was with my roommate who wanted fan in the full pace. I said him matter of factly "that can't be"..anyways we negotiated for a deal.

That actually took me to the melancholy lanes of my Alma-mater where my roomy and me used to have a similar discussion and often settled in any one of us non contented with the decision.

I could remember each and every snapshot of those days...The days which we passed fighting with each other ...still those days which have been the foundation of my interaction after interacting with people who I believe are one of the best orrators I have ever seen.

Its 2006 and I am still not able to wipe out the memories of my hey days..

That makes me feel like taking a break from job and jump back to the academic well.

what say?

waiting for 10th nov

I am desparately waiting for the 10th of Nov..No other reasons other than going home can justify my anxiety for the above expressions.

Going home for me has always been a fun..with not many friends to pass time with , I am into all time high when I listen music sleeping in my couch.

These days I am into a new habit of listening only those songs which I have never heard of before..As a matter of fact they can never be hindi songs because such hindi songs are little or none.

In the dark room listening to the country songs is such a pleasure.

I have been lucky enuf to work close to Bhubaneswar is a 11hr journey from raipur so its always a manageable task to board train even in a preparation of as small as 15 minutes..

Monday, October 30, 2006

I arrive

Hi all,

I am Ayush Biyani. Just for the people who want I did by BTech from DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.
since then I am into the real professional world .

I was thinking of writing my own blogs since aeons but I think just like before starting a start up you need to have an experience in it so I thought i need to have some experience in reading before writing .

I guess I am through with that requisite and can write now on my own on varying topics.
I would be trying my level best to post articles and messages to the junta.