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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I can see people around me in the office. They are talking, laughing and exchanging ideas.Sometimes the tone is very plain and sometimes it says many a things. But I am very sure for onething. There is no music around. There are no piano players depicting a gay moment andthere are no kyunki saas bhi..way of declaring a panic situation.

Yes,music is the greatest indicator of any situation in any program.I wondor sometimes how there used to be no background score in the old movies.Its almost impossible to make any movie now without a music. If made, that would be termed a documentary by the music lovers.

In any program that involves some sentimental transients ,a music transient is inevitable.Reason..simple..we can never say that something is full without a musical representation of it.Typical examples are the popular Miss Komolika who roams around with an embedded music in her strive.why doesnt that music matches with that of Parvati?

The responsibility of making the audience sit and watch the whole movie has verymuch to do with the background scorer. Popular movies like sholay have the bedrockof success lying on the solid foundation of the background music.

That forces me to come to a conclusion that according to the serial and movie makersevery personality has an embedded music deeply associated .No,I am not being "BOLLYWOODish".Its the reality. The difference is that we start appreciating those things when we watch some movie. Had the above argument been false how else could a blind personsee the TV and still enjoy it.

Yes,music makes see the things by the eyes of music. A Lord Ram aartee cantbe compatible with the gabbar singh music of sholay and a gabbar singh scene saying "Jo dar gaya, samajho mar gaya".I would even say that the "dar gaya"portion of "jo dar gaya" is covered with some other harmonics and the rest with other.In other words there are hence prooven ways of depicting a comma,a full stop or even an exclamation mark.

There is even a musiccal representation to depict normalcy!!
So next time when you watch a program or a movie , do have an eye of detail for the music thatmakes your vision full.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ugta Suraj

The media has started strucking again.Switch on your time machine to take you some 1 months ago when people were criticizing Ganguly Or Saurav da, on any news channel present under the sun. It seems like the delight of the news channel is associated with Ganguly's plight..Give me a break. He is already out of the team. Let him live.The discussion of Ganguly's discussion is testimony to his inclusion willingness in the team.

Then comes the turn of Sachin..Here are the comments from some of the news channel reporters well formulated and articulated well to present sachin in the baddest way possible..:" Sachin mein vo dhar nahin rahi", "Sachin team pe bojh". The problem still remains with the Indians..all they know is to make someone climb the tree..and then pull him back via these cacophonic discussions in the news channel who are in dearth of some good material to catch the audience for them.

Had these discussions been out of some veterans like Ravi shastri and Sunny then things would have been tolerant enuf. These discussions come out of someone who will change the dialogues should she be forced to by the higher authorities. and the story hasnt ended yet..Ganguly hitting an enviable innings for the rest of the team for a practice match..and the newschannels are ready with the headline " DADA mein hai DAM"..God damn!! spineless fellas..The media has taken the outfits of a pure politician who keep on changing their verdicts.

Same was the case done with Sania Mirza and now with ganguly..Let him hit some more fifties and hundreds, lest he misses him form like sania and then you can have some better cover story..Just because you dont have anything worth to show, dont make the issue out of every shit thing lying on the road..

I pray to God for Sachin hitting a ton and then you can watch some more spineless activities. The problem lies in the childish attitude of Indians. They dont understand that nothing is constant in the world and the form of a player is no exception..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Simple people, simple clothes, a Lord Ram aartee music in the background (from the flute) and Alok Nath with his god like smile .Some people respecting Alok Nath like god and a Homely atm osphere..welcome to Suraj Barjatya's "Vivah"..

The movies is bit out-dated as the youngsters call it now a days but still smells like rajshree productions movie. The movie has it all, good songs, inambigious dialogues which could only mean good will and service to humanity and of course like other rajshree prods(RPs): a role model hero and a "wife-material" heroine.

Alok nath and Anupam kher resume back their relationship of Inlaws after a long break. Shahid Kapoor is at minimum looking cute. Amrita rao has always been my fav and she justifies herself again as the same old ideal gal after "Ishq Vishq".

The songs are melodious and the words are really enlightening and fringes in todays world where the songs are close to "double entendre" and make the moms and dads see each other face while sitting with family.

The movie again like other RPs had to have a village which should be second switzerland and it happened..this time the village being "madhupur"..which should be nothing less than Ooty if only, I judge by the height of the mountain.

whats the name of Heroine..? I dont remember ..that can be random..but for the hero..our Mini shahrukh "shahid" .....?? common guys , it has to be none other than Prem. Thank God amrita rao wasnt Nisha or Pooja( HAHK).

But where is Mohnish Bahal? Yes, he is again there in the form of doctor when amrita rao gets burned while saving her Chutki ..again a RPs way to show the greatness of the heroine..just like we had of Madhuri dixit in HAHK..

The environment is absolutely ideal in the whole of the movie and its a considered "above average" according to me. The movie has everything. A simple script, a nice star cast, good songs, family drama( thanks to Seema Biswas) and sets of neat and clean outfits which cover the whole of amrita..unlike Aish of Dhoom2

The movie is the most neat and clean movie of 200*...meaning from 2000 onwards..

In short the movie is watchable once , "with family".

Monday, December 04, 2006

Coming soon..

Last weekend I happened to see "Vivah", a yet another Rajshree production's gonna be hit.

The movie is good and claims a separate blog for its description.

so watch this space for the review of Vivah..

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday I was watching TV after aeons sleeping in my couch. The time was around 11:45 pm. The other person in my room for just 1 day had to struggle a lot for getting asleep..I thought " Is it possible to watch the TV without any sound" ..This can be done with two ways..One, I press the mute on the remote control and second, I take a head phone and plug in to the TV and listen to it just like we listen to walkman or the PCs in our office..

Forget the idea of muting the sound..The second idea seemed fine but for the length of the wire of the headphone which was too short to keep my eyes unrestrained from the colors of the TV..The solution could be a long wire ear phone which a person could plug in to the TV and sit at a respectable distance..or could the headphone be wireless..Yes, it could be wireless.

How would that work ? well, how does the normal headphone work? when we plug in the headphone to the TV, then by the fundamentals of electronics there should be something that takes the whole of the sound signal to the plugged-in place and not to the speaker which normally emits the sound.

So can plugging in to the relevant place in the TV be replaced by switching on the headphone or the earphone ? That would as I think, give a signal to the receptor in the TV go channel all the sound signals to a place from where the whole of the information would be sent "only" to the headphone..But we know that sound is emitted the problem trims down to guiding the sound waves for a specific direction..

can this be done?? The near solution would be taking the example of the satellite which emits the waves in the space which is taken by the people who have an antenna..But that is not sound sound waves should be converted to those waves by change in frequency , a phenomenon known as Modulation in Communication Theory..and a demodulator needs to be embedded in the earphone.

This completes the basic foundation for the new device..certainly there would be hell of issues..but as an intellectual my job is to think of new things. ain't it??