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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No ideas

Sometimes back, I read an article on "how to become a writer"? That was a good article..apart from the normal things that the article spoke about, there was a point in it..that made it special and an awe inspiring one.

The point was that every one who writes should call himself a writer..hitherto , I used to think that I am not a writer but not now..the article talks about the mentality that needs to be in the mind before writing..

the funda is : Not everyone earns through writing, but that doesnt mean anything..

anyways , now a days I am reading very less and so ideas for writing are still lesser..Unbelievably I havent read the newspaper of the last 3 days, for any reason..I sincerely believe , reading is a pre-requisite to writing...still I could manage to write my previous posts..
but that scope is over..I am running out of topics..But writing habit must be maintained anyhow..

The example is very bad but its very much like the daily activities that we do ...( think think!!) , be it after a puff of "sutta" or after a glass of water for non smokers like me..

Analogy works everywhere ..isnt it??


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