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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review - Barah Aana

So..thats an official thing from the movie makers now..Guess what ? That its the common man who again takes a toll over his life. After Wednesday, again a movie which targets the simplest common man and who is making his life worse? Another common man. The harsh truth that rules the world. The dark side of humanity. Reality that only money sells in the market. Raja Menon's opus comes straight from the heart. Here is how it goes..

Vijay Raaz( PK dubey fame) is a simple, meek and typical mandir ka ghanta who gets struck from anyone, be it the society which he vigils or the higher strata of the society who think the common man sitting on the roadside are their punching bags. One harbinger of the above thought messes with Vijay Raaz when he was frustrated after loosing the money in the railway station to a pick- pocket. The money which was for his small kid's typhoid treatment. The money which had been bestowed upon by Shukla Bhaiya( Naseer Bhai) when every body else rejected. Vijay, tired of every frustration, slaps the guy hard on the face which results in immediate unconsciousness of the receiver. This somehow results in placing Vijay in the shoes of a kidnapper when the parents of the slap-taker are ready to give him the ransack money even when Vijay didnt ask for.

Exhilarated by the final outcome, Vijay suggests his roomy, who wanted to make money to marry a foreigner, and shukla bhaiya, to make money through this. Debolicly, he decides that they will target only the common man who is apparently afraid of Police-court procedures and succumbs easily but, sensibly enough, he also suggests that the target money be kept relatively low to keep the guardians of the kidnapped in still better position. This keeps going on until one day Naseer Bhai decides to kidnap his employer's wife after receiving several stigmatic comments from continiously. This lands them into trouble. Finally Vijay and his roomy escape sheepishly after helping police to get Naseer bhai.

The movie in few words is tragically comic. It doesnt happen many times when you want the kidnapper to succeed in his act. Vijay Raaz is in his very best, be it when they have regular drink sessions or when he convinces his roomy for becoming his accomplice to support his dream of marrying the gal he loves. Most of the time you feel sympathetic for him and wish he could do better in kidnapping. The goodness of the script lies in showing Vijay a true in heart character who doesnt think twice for paying his mates their portion of the ransom money even when they didnt know about it. The script is also successful in depicting the point that its only money that creates the difference between a YES and a NO. Finally the movie also captures the point that everybody is on his own. The characters in the movie have all lived upto the expectation. Naseeruddin shah was " interestingly " made a dumb man who only outbursts when the water goes above the head. The title of the movie couldnt have been better than Barah Aana.

All in All, a watchable stuff with a new concept and without any redundancies of the past films.

Hats off to Vijay Raaz..he has done it again after Moonsoon wedding.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Songs/Moments that I love

This blog is second in the series of my likes and dislikes. While the first was about the things I avoid, this one is about the positive aspect of things. I have always been a freaking bollywood fan. I always wanted to compile the list of songs/movies/moments that I love for any reason. This post is to fulfill that wish of mine. What follows is the list of songs/moments that I love to hear/watch and feel.

1) Lakshya- title track: This is one song which invariably sends shiver down my spine and is an instant turn on for the hairs of my body. It is nerve thumping to watch Hrithik Roshan do anything to save his prestige before his erstwhile GF. The song is well sung by Rathod( if memory serves me right) . The acts of a "fauji" go well with the beats - thanks to the Music director. I have always boosted my confidence after listening to this song. Full marks to the screenplay.

2) Final 5 minutes- JJVS: These moments finally converging to a masterpiece acting by Kulbhushan Kharbanda are always a nail biting for me , not withstanding the number of times I see this movie. These moments have always been successful in installing a competitive spirit inside me ( shippishly ephimeral). The scene ends in an ideal way with Aamir Khan leaving the cycle and lying down, the junta running to him, very similar to the way public runs towards Nana in Krantiveer.

3) Swades- Train scene: Whoever doesnt gets wet eyed, after watching this scene must be a presumably a deadpan. The scene is extremely touching and you get a sense of belonging to the nation when you see a kid selling water 25 paise/glass amidst hot noon in the without shed railway station. The moment touches the protagonist Mohan Bhargava to the deepest and he ( I think so) asks himself a very important question this time. Everytime I see this scene, I cant help my eyes to get wet. Salute Ashutosh for this movie.

4) Swades- Title Track : This one is again a master piece and one of the most influential songs ever shot in the history of bollywood. The camera work, the glimpses of the Indian stay shahrukh gets every second , force you to think everything you didnt till the moment. The scene in point 3 adds to the fury of the moment. The direction is pin pointed to compare every moment with the past moments( the comparison of Shahrukh seeing his rear view mirror with the same in village, when he leaves his GF and keeps going while his GF pray to god for his mind change... many more). The song has an ideal ending with SRK anouncing his return to India.

5) Kar chale Hum Fida : A perfect heartthrobe song for me. Every Indian must see, hear this song atleast on 15th august.

Note: This list will keep getting updated.