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Friday, April 20, 2012

Government set up

I am stationed at a government office these days. Dont ask me where? , as I am not supposed to name our client openly. Not at least in a public place like a blog. In the last 8 days, I have realized one of the reasons why India is behind in executional issues ? Why do Indians crave about government jobs ? Why do people bribe government servants for getting a work done ( however small it may be ) ? and for that matter, Why didnt CWG finished its work in the stipulated timelines? I have realized why there are so less policeman at places required. Who would be there when all of them are here. Yes, right here.

I have tried to control my emotions at various instances in this set up. The minimum work to be done here is equivalent to putting camel through a needle's eye. No body is interested in working. Loads of people lying inside a office where they dont even know what they are doing or why they are there ? Add to that the point that if you ask them to do something, they wont be interested in doing unless their boss, who is also like them tells them to do so.

Though, yes, for getting an entry in this hallowed place you'll have to go through ordeals which start from making a temporary pass to a police check where a police man can ask you multiple questions of which he has no idea. To avoid daily checks we were being told to make a pass. We were being told to make a character certificate, an employer certificate and 2 PSPs. We gave everything and were told that the pass should be ready in 48 hrs. 48 hrs ? why ? to make 3 people sign ? does it take 48 hours ? yes, it takes. It takes when you are in Indian Government Set up. Set up where no body knows why there is no water to drink when there is no water to drink and why is the tank overflowing for last 4 hrs when there is less water available for the rest of India ? Why are 3 photocopy machines lying on a ground on which pigeons have made their "home sweet home " and why are there 4 UPS lying on the same ground when my machine goes off 4 times in a day without notice coz my PC doesnt have a UPS.

The Peon here takes pride in saying that he is in this set up and the PA to the undersecreatry behaves no less than the UnderSecy himself. Nothing less than the Undersecy himself can make her do the work and nothing more than 4:59 in the clock can make her stay in the office even if there is a matter of life and death. A mug in the toilet comes from the ministry and so does a chair to sit on desktop machine.

Government offices are places where things are planned, controlled and executed. If this is the pace with which a respectable office works , where is exactly India heading ? and why would somebody come here to do business for which he has to probably take a whole laundry list of signatures. Can there be an SLA just like the private sector ? Not sure ..time for me to leave..the Saahib who was supposed to come morning 10 am has just arrived and he'll leave in another half an hour..time for me to get some some body listening ??