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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a Book

From quite a some time I have been trying to get a good book. The book should be inspirational in nature and should not be like typical " how to achieve xyz in 9 days" article from rediff.

Once I found a book named "straight from gut" by jack welch. But some how I procastrinated the effort to buy it.

I deeply feel that for future wealth generation all the impulsive shopping should be avoided.

Mostly the things fascinates you for a couple of days and then you start losing your interest.

Nevertheless, I think I need another book.

The last inspirational book I read was Desi Dream Merchants.

It was from the founder of mica and the writer of The invisible CEO.

also, I am looking forward to compile all my experience which taught me a great deal and write a book.

But when will that happen. Only God knows.


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