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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Straight from the heart

I would generally not tag these kind of links in my blog but this one's real good. The article from Shobha de is straight gut vomit. Immaculate that she is in puting her words artistically, she has once again done the mud slinging job perfectly. The phrase or whatever you call ( Shashibaba and the Chaalis Chor ) is simply worth $64k. Click on this to enjoy.

Happy Reading !!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flash in the mind..

I was just going through this article in the economist ( when this wierd idea struck my mind. Please note that it is not something radical and some cousin of this idea would already be operational in Indian scenario. We always keep hearing about govt debts and foreign investments. We also know that such indicators and their values around some XYZ value ( which is of course derived from hard core finance fundaes) impact our life through things like inflation, deflation, GDP/debt ratio and many more financial indicators like these. Since it is we who get some time benefited through the value of these indicators and it is sometime the govt who gets benefited through these, why doesnt govt form a policy which directly deducts some amount from the tax payers bank account to cut its debts. Yes, we have something called govt bonds but they say something like "Obligatory Govt bonds ". The use ? when the citizens of the country would pay the money that at times even a foreign nation pays, a nation will be independent to design its public and foreign policy without getting bothered ( regulations not withstanding).

Of course in return the govt has to ensure that the tax payer is happy with what he gives which would be a kind of loan to govt , by some thing like low inflation and likes. The government would of course pay back the loan when it is financially stable and ready to shed some money. This can have huge financial implications. Once the money reaches the govt's pockets it can use it for so many purposes. The challenge though is corruption.

Not sure how can this function in detail..any idea ??