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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things I miss

Ever since I have joined Infy Bhubaneswar I have tried to cover the things I miss by some alternatives . But over a stint of time they unveil themselves and I finally start missing them desparately.

The first thing that i would name I miss from my past exp is nariman point of Mumbai, better called as NP. I miss the breeze . I miss the indifferent crowd and I miss the sofisticated atmosphere of there.

apart from that now a days I am missing Crosswords of ahmedabad. I still remember the Mithakali lane of ahd where we used to go and have some shopping with a bit of page rustling of a plethora of books.

It was an all in one lane..It had some good show rooms , pantaloons and this crosswords..also there was the best market of ahd near by known as CG road..

Now that i want a book( read my 3rd post) ...I am missing crosswords like a despo.


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