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Thursday, August 25, 2011

An ode to Anna Hazare

Pre- april 2011, the nation sits frustrated with the infinite corruption mushrooming from every nick and corner of the multi billion dollar transaction happening in the Nation. Be it 2G or adarsh or DB realty scam. No body does any thing that could give the Nation's leader a night mare for their creativity-for-corruption in each and every sphere of business. The Nation's burning, the young blood fuming and amidst the so called India Shining emerges out a Gandhian.

Anna Hazare or Simply Anna is a new phenomenon, the latest disease that the young blood has caught. Not that the Indians before Anna didnt think of punishing the government. Its just that they found a medium to channelize their energy through. They needed a leader whom they could rely upon. They needed a person to whom they could appreciate even at his back. A leader who was ready to sacrifice his life for the Nation. Anna surprisingly had all of these. He was old, unambitious about coming to lime light and was as clean as morning dew drop. He had his agenda clear on his face. His only concern. Nation's uncalculated wealth that the politicians were holding under their teeth.

The first time, Anna sat on Raj ghat, on the grass with herds of people equidistant from him, watching him silently, the Nation's corrupt leader should have reckoned that a storm before the destruction is sitting silently. He was ready to catch the Ox by the horn. Ready to be hungry till the government passes a bill that makes corrupt officials accountable to law. They were doing corruption unabatedly. No longer. They didnt have fear of anything before Anna happened to India. No longer. They could pass each and every scam of theirs in the sheepish smile at every important juncture. No longer.

Anna was very fortunate to find his next level management in Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. For Arvind, this movement was the next logical step to his RTI revolution. Kiran had similar experience when she couldnt make it to Commissioner , New Delhi. Arvind was well versed with firing silver bullet with his calm and composed Nature. With Indian Revenue Service experience in his tenure, he had all the views of constitutional working. With an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur, he could understand deep technical details without much problem. Kiran on the other hand could understand law per se Police Law being an IPS herself and Bhushan had read much of it in his tenure with the helm of law.

What amazes me though is the tenacity with which Anna sits. He is patient, ready to wait and if need be sacrifice his every drop of blood for setting the corruption arithmetic crystal clear. He is realistic. Knows that he could be forced any moment by law and that the law makers would be observing his movement under a microscope. He therefore made sure that none of the citizens, the followers violated the law.

The see saw between Anna and Congress would be good to end up soon. The last news I heard, Government was ready to present this under in the loksabha session. I certainly hope that sanity prevails there and Anna comes out as a victorious winner. Independent of anything two things are clear. Anna is the true son of the soil, arguably more than Mahatma Gandhi. And two, this movement has taught Indians that they can come together if need be for a cause and wake up any authority from their sleep at the wee hours of the night.

Long Live Anna..