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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long time no Terrorists

9/11, 7/11...what next ???

Man, what are these guys doing? No terrorists attack since last bloody 4 months..common this is not done...Indians are in the habit of getting attacked by terrorists..Atleast after the parliament attack and the latest mumbai locals flame which is the most vulnerable thing in the world after grades in the exam. Terrorists, where are you guys yaar..go to Dadar bridge ..its already defunct..

Actually, this is even more dangerous ..No attack since 4 months means some naughty terrorist is planning some thing even more obscene. Indian army seriously needs to think on their toes now a days..I am actually now a days very uncertain of how the things are happening..anything can happen to any one..

A good news: With the globalization of terrorism , nations are having their solidarity stronger..This is an irony..Nations which previously use to have relations saying " Ohh you are also there? " are having a trade agreement because of this new Ism called "Terror-ism"..This is an irony equivalent to the irony which says India is more competitive because of the more engineer force , thanks to the train in night which makes the couple active during night( not mine, but a survey finding)..

With lots of people called terrorists not content with the way things are working, more money is spend to trained them then is required to train a random guy at Infosys..He he ..good , If I am not being over wierd in my imaginations , days are not far when there 'll be centers catering terrorism education with a legitimate degree..Then like we have GEC in Infy Mysore..there will be a GTC( Global Terrorism Center) in Iraq or taliban..

But what of the hands on lab sessions like students in Infosys get..of course yaar, terrorism is a very innovative name the variety and they have it..they will say their guys to go to Mumbai and then delhi and finally to calcutta to bomb some "explosives" to iron out any confusions they had in their training..

Lage gandhigiri an answer to this?? only he knows..


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