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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

appraisal dub gaya

Its official, Ayush Biyani is the most hopeless guy in Infosys Technlogies ltd..I am not, the appraisal is saying it.. "I am improving but I have scope of improvement"...ha ha ha...

Is there any safer statement to be made by some of the bloody perfectionists present today who decide something as important as grades based on their memory.

Yes, I am improving on a daily basis..and I have a scope of improvement. Who doesnt have?? The world is disdainfully a learning curve with valleys which would put Khandala to shame.
But " if I am improving and I still have a scope of improvement " then does it means I should be given average grades...dont the readers think there should be a parameter named " rate of improvement" upon which also the grades should depend..certainly..yes.

The art of giving the bad grades to a person who deserves better is paramount to be a project manager as somehow they think that if a person is given good grades, he will stop working hard..

As far as i know leadership is all about making an environment conducive to learning ..PMs according to me should be a good leader and a good and motivating person at heart even if they aren't a good techies..some thing that is the smallest motivating agent is as simple as good grades.

Its very easy to say some one "this is missing" , but its tuf to say him , "yes you have this thing as a very good quality". Should I say then safely that the appraisals should be based upon the marking the positives and then improving the negatives instead of making it the other way.

admit it or not the donkey cannot go ahead only with a have to show him the carrot also..

How demotivating.!!!


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