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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dabangg - Review

Yahooo !!! hello brother !! Salman Khan is back..and back with a furore. Before jumping to the review, one thing. One thing is for sure. I see a deliberate attempt by the Khan brother to revive the career of Sallu Miyan. No harms in it. Win for the khan family. They save money for an item number, they save money given to the protagonist and they save money to be given to Arbaaz.

Anyway..Dabangg is a tailor made movie for UP/Bihar crowd. It has all the masala ingredients which a Rural movie should have. It has unbelievable stunt, it has all the bhaiya ji language and it has all the average direction aspects. In most of the places you'll ask yourself "was it required " but as soon as the scene ends it leaves your mouth with a comic taste. Thats the way the movie is.

Salman khan and Arbaz khan, the real love brothers are brothers in the movie as well. Arbaz , who seems all right is kinda taged "Mand buddhi ( a dumb ass )" and gets the better side of their father, Vinod Khanna. While Salman scales to the ranks of a police inspector, Arbaz isnt able to stand on his feet. This difference in status creates a disparity in the mind of their father which creates various family feuds.

Circumstances create problems between the guys when their Mom dies a mysterious death.

This and too long a village politics makes the whole plot.

Now - the movie lacks so many things. One it leaves audience to assume too many things. That Vinod khanna is biased without any reason. That Salman is the only God of the village. I am surprised to see the village didnt have any bigger inspector who could lead Salman. Sonakshi is the least wanted and attended thing in the movie.She and her stupid father would roam the whole day aimlessly without any purpose. Mahesh Manjrekar should be seriously short of roles to attend this role. The aura of Salman khan is biasedly above a limit and disgustingly so. No body gets before him. No body. His Mom, His Dad ..?? No.

I mean, I understand portraying a heavy personality. But this was larger than life. No, not unacceptable. In one place Sonakshi says "pyaar se dar lagta hai ". Their is no where in the movie any clue about why could she have said so ?? -- lack of direction or may be my observation if she whispered the secret some where. She is also unable to explain why her father calls her a "kalmuhi".

There are many places where the scenes are least required and just been inserted to create a stronger tashan for Salman. The place where he slaps his brother after saying a sorry. No way..

Still, the movie ends up tickling you with its raw comedy and absolutely rural touch. The movie ends up forcing you to hymn the song tunes so there are many ways people can appreciate it. The movie is more like a village ramayan where a hanuman, being god can swallow a sun and burn a lunka at his will. We have that Hanuman in Salman Khan.

Go , leave your mind behind and share a laugh with Salman..He's back.


Blogger Abhimanu said...

By the way, Arbaz publically said in an interview that Malaika was handsomely paid for this 'Munni' item number(more than she got till now for an other item number), but who knows the reality.

I agree that this is an attempt to save the old ship Salman. His last hit was 'Wanted' which was released exactly on year ago on the occasion of 'Eid'. 'Dabanng" is supposedly the sequel of 'Wanted' and like any other sequel, it was much hyped and as you said a deliberatelly made 'larger than the God' types. Most dissapointing to me was Mahesh Manjarekar's role. It was a total waste for an actor of his capability. Righlty said by you, he must be really short of roles (or might have strongest of relations with Khans) that he did not decline this rubbish role.

I liked 'Wanted' more than 'Dabanng'. Former film had better story, better climax, and great actions and stunts.

But all in all Dabanng is a 'leave your brain behind' and 'enjoy Salman' types movie and if you are an avid of Sallu then it is a must-watch.

2:25 AM

Blogger Anu said...

Apka naam toh jaante hain naa ;-)

9:39 AM


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