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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Attrition rate

Some days before Infosys witnessed its silver jubilee ..The official name of the function was Silvosys..Its very matches with the first club that I offered to initiate known as "sudiposys" i am actually happy that my ideas are reciprocated at some level to name a very imp fest for Infosys.

Other than Rahul vaidya attending the function and rock the junta with his melodious voice the only other attraction other than of course food was one of the founders of the Infosys , Kris attending the function and taking an open house in which the employees could ask him the question inpromptu.

Inquisitive as I am , I asked him the last question of the event which he was not able to answer and said me that " he thinks , I am right and will take my question as an input to the higher level"..huh, what higher than him??

All said and done I am still not content with the current way the people get promoted in Infy.
I wanted to take atleast speak for 15 minutes explaining him my following doubt..

The average age in Infosys is about 26-27..That means that people stay here for 2-3 years and then leave the firm..There can be many reasons for this phenomenon..One of the most important reason is the IT boom that preavils in the country. But one of the major reasons are the lack of possible posts in Infy...

I dont know why they dont go for creating more posts like Senior Software engineer of which the obvious code would be SSE..or why dont they create posts like Senior Project Analyst when they have a post named SP meaning Senior Project they mean that senior and junior matter at that PM level only.

Certainly not..The management needs to understand few points..One, the only motivation for a common man is money and not loyalty to the firm..founders please excuse me , you are not a common man..second, if a person doesnt observes his effort appreciated then there is no point in crawling in the company campus...Third, when we say the Infy work force ...we mean people who are more than 2 yrs old in the company..they are the real Infoscions..the software warriors..The manager who is sitting in a chair and doing some job of allocation of work to the module leaders is not the warrior.

So, most imp for the company is to preserve these senior resources..also, more than getting good people in the company, its more important to retain good people..lest some TCS conducts some walkin and take these 2.1 yrs old employees for a fat package..

so HRs please understand, take this advice from my side..see, its very easy to say that no body is dispensible , but certainly it will send the jitters down the spine to the PM when some senior official leaves coz of the point that he is not able to get what some other companies could offer him.

so, stop these senior employees..its very hard to build an employee upto that can leave some very important tasks upon those guys which god forbidding PMs will have to do by their own , which they wont , as according to them " Hum bhi bahut mehnat kiye hain, ab tum karo"

The 80-20 rules works every where ..starting from the code stating that "80 % of the code takes 20% of time and 20% of the code takes 80% of the time " to the people who actually code them " 80 % of the people do 20 % of the work and 20 % of the people do 80 % of the work"

Hey some body is calling me...Ohhh No, what???? Guys, Ramesh who joined in 2004 has left the firm and joined some other firm as Senior software engineer....

Infy...learn something...


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