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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

apna sapna money money

ha ha ha ha ....what?? am I supposed to laugh..Not at all..not atleast for a pain in the neck movie..which I had to see sitting upright.

apna sapna money money is certainly one of the most forgettable movies of this year and among the few blockbuster flops...

what the hell?

I pity the director who was motivated enuf to make such a crap. This is not done.
The movie has an absence of script,acting , screenplay and everything..The content was further MTVfied by the introduction of that bloody man " some singh" whom we used to watch in MTV playing some nonsense crap and trying hard to make the junta laugh.

Shreyash talpade is the only genuine character in the movie who is doing some sane activity. Anupam Kher in his magnanimous career would have rejected lot many films , much better in quality only to sign this "unadulterated shit" in the acme of his career when he should rather join some expert community.

The movie is full of obscene double entendres and other perks associated with such cheap commedies..In some places even the baddest guy would remember his lord for watching such movie in any good cinema hall.

Ritesh deshmukh is as usual the Mastified guy next door who is a bloody thag..

The lack of scripy has been tried to overshadowed by some oomphy scenes which force the audience to keep their belt at place.

The movie is an indellible spot on the resume of 2006-bollywood which by far was boasting of many hits in a row..

Chanky pande has none other options than to do some real bad roles in his career.

The movie is a nightmare for all the sensible audience who understand bollywood.

Rajpal Yaadav is trying to mimic sarkar AB in his own way which forces our jaws to take some pain..

In summary the movie is very much unwatchable even in the company of frds , forget with family..


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