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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Humputer , guess what is ? Thats a concoction of humans and computers ...No, seriously this term is necessary for those who have been their in some firm and started thinking only as the company policies taught them to be..

Agreed , you are in the compay and you have to follow the company policy. But does that mean that you wont listen to some very logical thing that the policy writer is not specifying.Thats the case that is happening in my firm..The great great Infosys..

I am bloody tired of Infosys policies and its manifestations in the form of 'Pm screwing me'. I am tired of the policy that be here for 9 hrs even if you dont have any work. Believe it or not , some day they will realize that such "mugged up" policies will facilitate the attrition of employees.

The people are so much into it that they dont even consider the guy who has finished the work before, an efficient one. They would rather come up with some of the arguments that their designation has taught them to behave, as they say "people respect the designation" and not the human.They can even say that " he is a nonserious guyor he is not having any work".

Sorry, I cant do that. why to do so?? to what fun? Appraisal?? Huh, it doesn't matter to me if some company is not getting into the sync with the logical argument of do your work and leave..
Yes, assist your fellow workers AMAP, but then dont follow the rule 8:30 + 9.5 =6.15 PM
I havent mugged up anything in life and I wont mug up this either.

Global companies like google have only succeeded because employees are self motivated and not hinged by the 8:30 rule...innovations always takes place when some new thing is done. No, they wont do it..because as the head says" we are not into R&D"...well said sir !! you have actually taken your words seriously and made the whole set of "mediocres" working in this company take it seriously..and why wont they take it seriously...they are but a set of "mediocres" who do something only when told..

They are computers , no "humputers"who when initialized to the 8:30 rule will follow it till what if they chat half the time and I dont , and therefore am able to complete in the due what if I am able to complete my work before 6 and therefore leave early..Common guys, a Man is known by the way he slogs and not by the way he thinks and conceptualizes the concepts.

Once I was shocked by the thought of a senior employee giving unrealistic deadlines just because, else ,the guy whom the work was alloted had left the previous day at time .. This isnt untrue..this is true because he said me his plans about not letting the guy leave early.

Now again some NRN has to come to wipe out the mugged up rule from these "Humputers" in whom the rule has been embedded by the likes of NRN. Humans, understand that you have invented the computer and not the other anyways dont make yourself look like the other way..

Leave your desk when the work is done..dont true to your work..take time to complete the task, but if some body who is under you has done the task perfectly within the time frame, then dont feel inferior or insecure ..he is your junior and would never eat your job.Dont hold him till 5:30 or 6 coz of the rules..

Come out of the glass frame of the "Humputer"

Ohhh who am I talking to?? The bloody mugging up senior guys who would be right now mugging the dialogues for the weekly meeting....

Meeting is due tomorrow...


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