Its getting better everyday..

Monday, March 19, 2007


Huh…!! I finally meet my friends at my home ground after a long halt. That was a well deserved and a deeply required meeting which again clicked the refresh button of the homepage of our friendship.

As expected, the friends were there with their new versions of the various perceptions they had acquired from the past 1 yr . And that was obvious. Wasn’t it? Unlike previous year when we had job related discussions, this time we had a rather bizarre discussions concerning life, world and “what are we upto” types stuff.

Going in a maruti 800 car with them, driving indifferently and singing to the tunes of the mind boggling songs was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life, albeit that wasn’t the first time we did so. It was nice to watch both of them singing like hell with a single bear bottle shared among 2 people.

I being a critically acclaimed child was handled a bottle of appy which was only far from the macho spirit you gather when you get those bear bottles “according to them”. The conclusion of this paragraph--> I maintained my abstinence , only to hear some crore remarks and abuses of not being up to the friendship mark.

Throwing stones on one of them while he was on a nature’s call was a great experience and could be perfectly shooted to make another DCH.

All in all, that was a great great friends meeting trip

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This blog could have been easily avoided but for Nishabd being a RGV movie. For the people who joined late, I am an ardent RGV fan, almost obsessed with his almost every flick, Nishabd being the latest one. I knew I had to write this blog coz of many reasons, the major ones being my watching after some 2-3 months.

Nishabd is again a slow movie as most of the RGV movies are experienced to be by the genre of the 'understand movies genuinely' league. Please welcome Jiah Khan, the latest finding by RGV while surfing the web of the 'ought to be introduced' faces. More than anything I salute RGV for again making a young rookie work with a veteran like Amitabh and that too much effortlessly.

Jiah is fourth in the series of launching new faces after Urmila, Antra Maali, Nisha kothari or may be I am forgetting some of his musings. Showed as a damn confident gal in the movie, I am sure there are many other faces to the acting persona of Miss Jiah who according to me was very restricted to act because of her character. The character which had to have abnormality for Amitabh to fall for her and leave his conventional Indian wife and a sweet daughter.

The reason why Amitabh fell for the gal are very abstract in nature. Its according to me a debatable issue whether that was lust or did it have some proximity to the feeling of real love.
Watching Jiah drenching her in hosepipe was an experience something similar to what I had before when I saw Nisha kothari in Shiva. The movie had same kind of music accompanying the event of hose-pipe-bathing which was heard in shiva when Mohit came to the city for the first time and was leaving the city at the end.

RGV as always was very constructive in launching each and every character of his movie. Thats his quality or typicallity. He gives some part of the camera dedicatedly to that character to ensure the "larger than life " persona of the character. Proper scenes depicting the confidence and peculiar ness of the character of Jiah were taken in the movie that showed that RGV wanted his audience to believe that Yes, Jiah was different than every other gal. He further ensured this feeling to ossify in our heart when Revathi asked Amitabh " Jiah thodi alag nahin hai"?
That was targetted upon the audiences.

The end of movie was very much desired as people wanted to see the conclusion from the view point of Amitabh which he gave to his brother in law in a very short speech. Going oftangent, I was although expecting a song in the movie which'd have given harmonic touch to the events happening in the movie.

Also, I am sure that to the normal crowd which comes to a movie hall for a timepass movie, it wont appeal too much yet, to a indifferent movie maker who follows his heart its yet another feather in his creative and daring cap.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Ever since I have gone to a restraunt in any place, have I been thinking of the issues that our restaurants face on daily basis. To a naive goer who doesnt want too much from the waiters, Indian restaurants are ok. But to a regular food-kid, whose faces starts getting blue on the non availability of a good food , they are far from being ok.

To say the least, our restaurants lack basic understanding skills. I have tried them all and have a basic curiosity left in me to try the rich one, basically the likes of Taj,Maurya sheraton, hilton, so on and so forth to check whether at least are fine? . It starts with attending the customer with a smiling face rather than frowning at their GFs. Everywhere these waitors cant hide their basic feelings which can be detrimental to their life , if some D gang member enters the door.

Secondly, I dont know why the waiters need to be told in every T minutes about the water levels in the glass the customers hold. The value of T can depend on anything and everything like their mood, number of people influxing the place and who knows, may be the temparature outside the place. Excuse me ! I am not supposed to prompt them everytime the glass gets empty. This is for them to monitor. Correct me if I am wrong. Everytime I go to a restaurant I have to tell the waitor about monitoring the level of water in the glass. I dont know, why they cant do that without being asked for. Is the lack of education responsible for that? May be thats why Hotel management schools are opened.

Is it too much of asking for? I suppose not. And as shahrukh khan 'd say "boyz and girlz", this is not the scenario at an average restaurant. Its the same story everywhere, at least in Bhubaneswar. Be it a 3 star or 4 star. According to me, this comes under the basic etiquettes of the waiters to understand that customers cannot raise his glass everytime to express his thirst. Had that been so, he'd have had the dinner at his home. Its because he wants to eat without tension, he craves for going to a decent restaurant where, the otherwise tensions of good eating will be supposedly taken care of.

Once I was out with my Mom to a supposedly good restaurant where something similar happened. My mom being not that good observer, while going out said a word of praise to the waiter head( as he sounded to be ) for the otherwise lucrative facilities available. This entailed a feedback form from his side, to be filled seriously(according to my mom). I filled it seriously and gave a speech at the end of day to tell him of the shortcomings in the attitude of the behavior of the waiters.

Its even more important for the A league hotels to understand this in this edge of globalization and liberalization in that a little smirk on their face can send a negative message to the clients.

I guess, its high time for the restaurant managers to understand that the "wall hanging TV" doesnt make a good impact unless the basic service is perfect.

Still, when the stomach craves for food, I crave for the same old avenue of the "yet to learn waiters" 's restaurant.