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Monday, November 06, 2006

Advice for Freshers

Here am I ..Just completed my 1.5 years in professional world and ready with a bunch of advices for the freshers who want to enter the software industry. This advices are based on the general scenario which I observe among the freshers on daily basis.

1) Be Professional: The freshers very much need to understand that its no more the XYZ institute of tech who used to challenge them to break the rules and get a loophole to escape through them. In other words its not their college viva. Its real world. Any mistake to mistake the real world with their hostel rooms and coullegues as their "roomy " can be harmful. They need to understand that all what companies want and mean is business. Show the interviewer that you mean business.

2) Dont Bluff: Dont bluff about your achievements before the interviewer. Chances are that he is a smarter guy who has seen the world more than you have and will make you climb your own cobweb to break it. Be true and show that independent of anything you want to learn and move ahead in life.

3) Communication skills : Develop a habit to speak in english even when it is not required. That will remove the fear to speak the same on the dooms day. The reason for peoples bad english is unhabituation with the language. The person who thinks in english doesnt have this fear , just like we dont have fear speaking in hindi. So, the key is think in english and remove that barrier.

4) Be realistic : Showing the interviewer that in some 5 years you want to rule the world is definitely not a good idea. Be sensible when told to gauge your future. Dont say that " i want to be PM in 5 yrs." .. Mean that you want to move up the hierarchy rather than naming the designations. Moreover try to show your long terms goals will match with that of the company interviewing.

5) Keep smiling : A smile conveys a very positive message when you are in an interview. So independent of what you feel for the interviewer keep smiling..That doesnt mean that you will ad for close up ..try to show that you are in a positive mood and ready to do your best.

6) Dont try too hard : Dont make a mistake of showing the interviewer that you are in a desperate need of a job. Be normal with a professional attitude meaning " you need me and I need you" ...dont ever say "please" and other over pursuative words.

Remember , no body is doing favour need them and they need you so be composed and professional.


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