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Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday I was watching TV after aeons sleeping in my couch. The time was around 11:45 pm. The other person in my room for just 1 day had to struggle a lot for getting asleep..I thought " Is it possible to watch the TV without any sound" ..This can be done with two ways..One, I press the mute on the remote control and second, I take a head phone and plug in to the TV and listen to it just like we listen to walkman or the PCs in our office..

Forget the idea of muting the sound..The second idea seemed fine but for the length of the wire of the headphone which was too short to keep my eyes unrestrained from the colors of the TV..The solution could be a long wire ear phone which a person could plug in to the TV and sit at a respectable distance..or could the headphone be wireless..Yes, it could be wireless.

How would that work ? well, how does the normal headphone work? when we plug in the headphone to the TV, then by the fundamentals of electronics there should be something that takes the whole of the sound signal to the plugged-in place and not to the speaker which normally emits the sound.

So can plugging in to the relevant place in the TV be replaced by switching on the headphone or the earphone ? That would as I think, give a signal to the receptor in the TV go channel all the sound signals to a place from where the whole of the information would be sent "only" to the headphone..But we know that sound is emitted the problem trims down to guiding the sound waves for a specific direction..

can this be done?? The near solution would be taking the example of the satellite which emits the waves in the space which is taken by the people who have an antenna..But that is not sound sound waves should be converted to those waves by change in frequency , a phenomenon known as Modulation in Communication Theory..and a demodulator needs to be embedded in the earphone.

This completes the basic foundation for the new device..certainly there would be hell of issues..but as an intellectual my job is to think of new things. ain't it??


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