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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ugta Suraj

The media has started strucking again.Switch on your time machine to take you some 1 months ago when people were criticizing Ganguly Or Saurav da, on any news channel present under the sun. It seems like the delight of the news channel is associated with Ganguly's plight..Give me a break. He is already out of the team. Let him live.The discussion of Ganguly's discussion is testimony to his inclusion willingness in the team.

Then comes the turn of Sachin..Here are the comments from some of the news channel reporters well formulated and articulated well to present sachin in the baddest way possible..:" Sachin mein vo dhar nahin rahi", "Sachin team pe bojh". The problem still remains with the Indians..all they know is to make someone climb the tree..and then pull him back via these cacophonic discussions in the news channel who are in dearth of some good material to catch the audience for them.

Had these discussions been out of some veterans like Ravi shastri and Sunny then things would have been tolerant enuf. These discussions come out of someone who will change the dialogues should she be forced to by the higher authorities. and the story hasnt ended yet..Ganguly hitting an enviable innings for the rest of the team for a practice match..and the newschannels are ready with the headline " DADA mein hai DAM"..God damn!! spineless fellas..The media has taken the outfits of a pure politician who keep on changing their verdicts.

Same was the case done with Sania Mirza and now with ganguly..Let him hit some more fifties and hundreds, lest he misses him form like sania and then you can have some better cover story..Just because you dont have anything worth to show, dont make the issue out of every shit thing lying on the road..

I pray to God for Sachin hitting a ton and then you can watch some more spineless activities. The problem lies in the childish attitude of Indians. They dont understand that nothing is constant in the world and the form of a player is no exception..


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