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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Simple people, simple clothes, a Lord Ram aartee music in the background (from the flute) and Alok Nath with his god like smile .Some people respecting Alok Nath like god and a Homely atm osphere..welcome to Suraj Barjatya's "Vivah"..

The movies is bit out-dated as the youngsters call it now a days but still smells like rajshree productions movie. The movie has it all, good songs, inambigious dialogues which could only mean good will and service to humanity and of course like other rajshree prods(RPs): a role model hero and a "wife-material" heroine.

Alok nath and Anupam kher resume back their relationship of Inlaws after a long break. Shahid Kapoor is at minimum looking cute. Amrita rao has always been my fav and she justifies herself again as the same old ideal gal after "Ishq Vishq".

The songs are melodious and the words are really enlightening and fringes in todays world where the songs are close to "double entendre" and make the moms and dads see each other face while sitting with family.

The movie again like other RPs had to have a village which should be second switzerland and it happened..this time the village being "madhupur"..which should be nothing less than Ooty if only, I judge by the height of the mountain.

whats the name of Heroine..? I dont remember ..that can be random..but for the hero..our Mini shahrukh "shahid" .....?? common guys , it has to be none other than Prem. Thank God amrita rao wasnt Nisha or Pooja( HAHK).

But where is Mohnish Bahal? Yes, he is again there in the form of doctor when amrita rao gets burned while saving her Chutki ..again a RPs way to show the greatness of the heroine..just like we had of Madhuri dixit in HAHK..

The environment is absolutely ideal in the whole of the movie and its a considered "above average" according to me. The movie has everything. A simple script, a nice star cast, good songs, family drama( thanks to Seema Biswas) and sets of neat and clean outfits which cover the whole of amrita..unlike Aish of Dhoom2

The movie is the most neat and clean movie of 200*...meaning from 2000 onwards..

In short the movie is watchable once , "with family".


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