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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I can see people around me in the office. They are talking, laughing and exchanging ideas.Sometimes the tone is very plain and sometimes it says many a things. But I am very sure for onething. There is no music around. There are no piano players depicting a gay moment andthere are no kyunki saas bhi..way of declaring a panic situation.

Yes,music is the greatest indicator of any situation in any program.I wondor sometimes how there used to be no background score in the old movies.Its almost impossible to make any movie now without a music. If made, that would be termed a documentary by the music lovers.

In any program that involves some sentimental transients ,a music transient is inevitable.Reason..simple..we can never say that something is full without a musical representation of it.Typical examples are the popular Miss Komolika who roams around with an embedded music in her strive.why doesnt that music matches with that of Parvati?

The responsibility of making the audience sit and watch the whole movie has verymuch to do with the background scorer. Popular movies like sholay have the bedrockof success lying on the solid foundation of the background music.

That forces me to come to a conclusion that according to the serial and movie makersevery personality has an embedded music deeply associated .No,I am not being "BOLLYWOODish".Its the reality. The difference is that we start appreciating those things when we watch some movie. Had the above argument been false how else could a blind personsee the TV and still enjoy it.

Yes,music makes see the things by the eyes of music. A Lord Ram aartee cantbe compatible with the gabbar singh music of sholay and a gabbar singh scene saying "Jo dar gaya, samajho mar gaya".I would even say that the "dar gaya"portion of "jo dar gaya" is covered with some other harmonics and the rest with other.In other words there are hence prooven ways of depicting a comma,a full stop or even an exclamation mark.

There is even a musiccal representation to depict normalcy!!
So next time when you watch a program or a movie , do have an eye of detail for the music thatmakes your vision full.


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