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Monday, March 19, 2007


Huh…!! I finally meet my friends at my home ground after a long halt. That was a well deserved and a deeply required meeting which again clicked the refresh button of the homepage of our friendship.

As expected, the friends were there with their new versions of the various perceptions they had acquired from the past 1 yr . And that was obvious. Wasn’t it? Unlike previous year when we had job related discussions, this time we had a rather bizarre discussions concerning life, world and “what are we upto” types stuff.

Going in a maruti 800 car with them, driving indifferently and singing to the tunes of the mind boggling songs was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life, albeit that wasn’t the first time we did so. It was nice to watch both of them singing like hell with a single bear bottle shared among 2 people.

I being a critically acclaimed child was handled a bottle of appy which was only far from the macho spirit you gather when you get those bear bottles “according to them”. The conclusion of this paragraph--> I maintained my abstinence , only to hear some crore remarks and abuses of not being up to the friendship mark.

Throwing stones on one of them while he was on a nature’s call was a great experience and could be perfectly shooted to make another DCH.

All in all, that was a great great friends meeting trip


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