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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent movies watched - 1

1) just go with it - adam sandler, Jenifer Aniston ( copy of Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya)

2) chaalis chaurasi : Naseer Bhai, KK bhai, Ravi Kishan and the crime reporter of Page 3. parallel cinema
    kind of.

3) The dictator: Must watch racial comedy of Sacha ( the bruno guy)

4) Bol Bachchan: time pass. Can watch one time if you have been watching serious cinema for some time.

5) UP : must watch animation movie

6) Will you marry me:  avoidable. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Movie Review -- Vicky Donor

Different !!, Out of league !!, "hat ke " are some of the words that come inside my mind when I think of this movie, 12 hrs after I watched it. If there is one guy you would keep looking for after watching this movie, it has to be director of the movie. Of course apart from the Stalwart Anu Kapoor who proved that you can take out the actor from bollwood but you can't take out the acting from the actor.

Vicky Donor is easily one of the best movies you will have seen in 2012. Very well directed and scripted. Despite the issue handled in the movie being " not so comfortable" you'd forget the issue as you watch the movie and your attention would be totally towards something else. That's what we call direction. When the audience are more concerned about reality than the depicted vulgarity.

VD is all about D'ing. Donating. The protagonist, Vicky is a typical happy go lucky chill pill punjabi guy who proverbially takes life as it comes each day. Least concerned about whats going on around him and just making enough for the day to venture the next day. Not independent by any standards, he helps his mom( very rarely as shown) in the beauty parlour that runs right below their house. Accompanied by his Mother and Grand Mother, he is shown to have brought up in that utensil breaking argument atmosphere.

Dr. Chaddha ( anu kapoor) watches him a day and predicts with all uncertainty in his mind that Vicky will  be a money churner for their business, which was all about arranging sperms from able enough people for the disabled to have kid customers. It was all about arranging happiness in a small bottle that could result in incremented member in the customer's family.

Dr chases, pursues and cajoles in his tactical way to make Vicky agree to donate sperm for his clientele and in turn shows him the easy life that is waiting for Vicky to be enjoyed. Professionally and diplomatically Dr advises Vicky to avoid every activity that would waste sperms count which in turn might reduce the scope of business. But what happened had to happen. The cupid had to struck. Vicky falls in love with an employee of bank and genuinely plans his life with her.

How does that reduce the scope of business and increases the problem for Dr? Who would take precedence , the doctor or the beloved ? How does the beloved react to Vicky's profession ? Did they continue living happily ever after or did they part their ways ? Did the doctor come to any use for Vicky apart from giving him money for sperms is something movie answers for you.

The movie has some touching moments which would almost make you touch that corner of your eye for a drop of tear. Like vise, the movie has numerous laughter moments and some moments which would almost make your spouse look at you with embarrassment. But that is essential for the topic undertaken. Specially in Indian Scenario.The songs are very well sung and apt in the place and after watching the beautifully shot Rum whisky song one tends to think of " Monsoon Wedding ", the Mira Nair Flick.

The shown Bong-Punjabi cultural disconnect is something we have to appreciate , independent of our caste. I remember seeing the same disconnect in a sony tv family soap " Kya Hua Tera Vaada". A different way to attach suitable adjectives like "complicated sperm" instantly makes you understand the lying subtlety.

All in All, a must watch and outstandingly  true cinema that should potentially shake that social issue person inside you and would make you hymn those songs and remember the moments long after you watched.

Happy Watching !!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Government set up

I am stationed at a government office these days. Dont ask me where? , as I am not supposed to name our client openly. Not at least in a public place like a blog. In the last 8 days, I have realized one of the reasons why India is behind in executional issues ? Why do Indians crave about government jobs ? Why do people bribe government servants for getting a work done ( however small it may be ) ? and for that matter, Why didnt CWG finished its work in the stipulated timelines? I have realized why there are so less policeman at places required. Who would be there when all of them are here. Yes, right here.

I have tried to control my emotions at various instances in this set up. The minimum work to be done here is equivalent to putting camel through a needle's eye. No body is interested in working. Loads of people lying inside a office where they dont even know what they are doing or why they are there ? Add to that the point that if you ask them to do something, they wont be interested in doing unless their boss, who is also like them tells them to do so.

Though, yes, for getting an entry in this hallowed place you'll have to go through ordeals which start from making a temporary pass to a police check where a police man can ask you multiple questions of which he has no idea. To avoid daily checks we were being told to make a pass. We were being told to make a character certificate, an employer certificate and 2 PSPs. We gave everything and were told that the pass should be ready in 48 hrs. 48 hrs ? why ? to make 3 people sign ? does it take 48 hours ? yes, it takes. It takes when you are in Indian Government Set up. Set up where no body knows why there is no water to drink when there is no water to drink and why is the tank overflowing for last 4 hrs when there is less water available for the rest of India ? Why are 3 photocopy machines lying on a ground on which pigeons have made their "home sweet home " and why are there 4 UPS lying on the same ground when my machine goes off 4 times in a day without notice coz my PC doesnt have a UPS.

The Peon here takes pride in saying that he is in this set up and the PA to the undersecreatry behaves no less than the UnderSecy himself. Nothing less than the Undersecy himself can make her do the work and nothing more than 4:59 in the clock can make her stay in the office even if there is a matter of life and death. A mug in the toilet comes from the ministry and so does a chair to sit on desktop machine.

Government offices are places where things are planned, controlled and executed. If this is the pace with which a respectable office works , where is exactly India heading ? and why would somebody come here to do business for which he has to probably take a whole laundry list of signatures. Can there be an SLA just like the private sector ? Not sure ..time for me to leave..the Saahib who was supposed to come morning 10 am has just arrived and he'll leave in another half an hour..time for me to get some some body listening ??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

An ode to Anna Hazare

Pre- april 2011, the nation sits frustrated with the infinite corruption mushrooming from every nick and corner of the multi billion dollar transaction happening in the Nation. Be it 2G or adarsh or DB realty scam. No body does any thing that could give the Nation's leader a night mare for their creativity-for-corruption in each and every sphere of business. The Nation's burning, the young blood fuming and amidst the so called India Shining emerges out a Gandhian.

Anna Hazare or Simply Anna is a new phenomenon, the latest disease that the young blood has caught. Not that the Indians before Anna didnt think of punishing the government. Its just that they found a medium to channelize their energy through. They needed a leader whom they could rely upon. They needed a person to whom they could appreciate even at his back. A leader who was ready to sacrifice his life for the Nation. Anna surprisingly had all of these. He was old, unambitious about coming to lime light and was as clean as morning dew drop. He had his agenda clear on his face. His only concern. Nation's uncalculated wealth that the politicians were holding under their teeth.

The first time, Anna sat on Raj ghat, on the grass with herds of people equidistant from him, watching him silently, the Nation's corrupt leader should have reckoned that a storm before the destruction is sitting silently. He was ready to catch the Ox by the horn. Ready to be hungry till the government passes a bill that makes corrupt officials accountable to law. They were doing corruption unabatedly. No longer. They didnt have fear of anything before Anna happened to India. No longer. They could pass each and every scam of theirs in the sheepish smile at every important juncture. No longer.

Anna was very fortunate to find his next level management in Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. For Arvind, this movement was the next logical step to his RTI revolution. Kiran had similar experience when she couldnt make it to Commissioner , New Delhi. Arvind was well versed with firing silver bullet with his calm and composed Nature. With Indian Revenue Service experience in his tenure, he had all the views of constitutional working. With an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur, he could understand deep technical details without much problem. Kiran on the other hand could understand law per se Police Law being an IPS herself and Bhushan had read much of it in his tenure with the helm of law.

What amazes me though is the tenacity with which Anna sits. He is patient, ready to wait and if need be sacrifice his every drop of blood for setting the corruption arithmetic crystal clear. He is realistic. Knows that he could be forced any moment by law and that the law makers would be observing his movement under a microscope. He therefore made sure that none of the citizens, the followers violated the law.

The see saw between Anna and Congress would be good to end up soon. The last news I heard, Government was ready to present this under in the loksabha session. I certainly hope that sanity prevails there and Anna comes out as a victorious winner. Independent of anything two things are clear. Anna is the true son of the soil, arguably more than Mahatma Gandhi. And two, this movement has taught Indians that they can come together if need be for a cause and wake up any authority from their sleep at the wee hours of the night.

Long Live Anna..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

UNSC fundaa unleashed

For people who want to understand the various issues behind UNSC -- United Nation Security Council.

Happy Reading !!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was going today shopping with one of my friends when we were discussing the issue of pregnancy. The issue that couples sometimes have problems having kids and sometimes have kids by chance as they also call "happened by mistake". Though I dont really know on the lighter side, the brighter side is this idea that struck my head as we were travelling. What if pregnancy could be controlled ?? No...please I am not talking about protection. I aint talking about i-pills. I am talking about this..

Say..a couple thinks they dont want to have baby till next 9 mths..or say next t time. They want to continue their normal life and gal doesnt want i-pills on daily or on "unwanted 72 hrs". What if their is a drug which could be injected to them. Then ?? What would/should happen is the drug decay by its own half life formula..or may be someother formula. Taking in consideration the body's metabolism rate or whatever rate which could consume the drug this drug should die down in 9 ths. If the drug is radioactive in nature it would be like this. N= N(t=0)* e ^(-lambda*t). Now if the threshold drug content which when acted would render the gal unpregnant is M then M= N(t=0)* e^(-lambda*t) and this t should be 9mths.

This could save everybody's so many efforts. Of course the biggest requirement is it should not have unbearable side effects. It should be limited amount in nature and most important it should be negatable in nature. That is if I want to decrease after sometime the time to 4 mths , I should be able to do it..

Imagine..can this be done ?? Tell me what do you think about this ?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dabangg - Review

Yahooo !!! hello brother !! Salman Khan is back..and back with a furore. Before jumping to the review, one thing. One thing is for sure. I see a deliberate attempt by the Khan brother to revive the career of Sallu Miyan. No harms in it. Win for the khan family. They save money for an item number, they save money given to the protagonist and they save money to be given to Arbaaz.

Anyway..Dabangg is a tailor made movie for UP/Bihar crowd. It has all the masala ingredients which a Rural movie should have. It has unbelievable stunt, it has all the bhaiya ji language and it has all the average direction aspects. In most of the places you'll ask yourself "was it required " but as soon as the scene ends it leaves your mouth with a comic taste. Thats the way the movie is.

Salman khan and Arbaz khan, the real love brothers are brothers in the movie as well. Arbaz , who seems all right is kinda taged "Mand buddhi ( a dumb ass )" and gets the better side of their father, Vinod Khanna. While Salman scales to the ranks of a police inspector, Arbaz isnt able to stand on his feet. This difference in status creates a disparity in the mind of their father which creates various family feuds.

Circumstances create problems between the guys when their Mom dies a mysterious death.

This and too long a village politics makes the whole plot.

Now - the movie lacks so many things. One it leaves audience to assume too many things. That Vinod khanna is biased without any reason. That Salman is the only God of the village. I am surprised to see the village didnt have any bigger inspector who could lead Salman. Sonakshi is the least wanted and attended thing in the movie.She and her stupid father would roam the whole day aimlessly without any purpose. Mahesh Manjrekar should be seriously short of roles to attend this role. The aura of Salman khan is biasedly above a limit and disgustingly so. No body gets before him. No body. His Mom, His Dad ..?? No.

I mean, I understand portraying a heavy personality. But this was larger than life. No, not unacceptable. In one place Sonakshi says "pyaar se dar lagta hai ". Their is no where in the movie any clue about why could she have said so ?? -- lack of direction or may be my observation if she whispered the secret some where. She is also unable to explain why her father calls her a "kalmuhi".

There are many places where the scenes are least required and just been inserted to create a stronger tashan for Salman. The place where he slaps his brother after saying a sorry. No way..

Still, the movie ends up tickling you with its raw comedy and absolutely rural touch. The movie ends up forcing you to hymn the song tunes so there are many ways people can appreciate it. The movie is more like a village ramayan where a hanuman, being god can swallow a sun and burn a lunka at his will. We have that Hanuman in Salman Khan.

Go , leave your mind behind and share a laugh with Salman..He's back.