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Thursday, October 25, 2007

searching for topics

Again..because of work and other issues I am not able to follow my original passion for writing.
I read somewhere some days back that if blogging is not regular, its of no use. I dont want that to happen to me so took an initiative to key down something. So what can I see? Diwali is quite near and so a feeling of happiness is quite common.I am desperately waiting for it. Its been more than 4 months I saw my home and been with my family.

Today is the first time when I dont have anything to write. Though I have so many things to tell the whole world. Be it shifting companies or other mundane issues. Thats one topic about which I seriously want to write something. Ohh yes..I am again changing my house so thats an issue I need to take care of.

Besides, I am most bothered about my bad sleep patterns which make my effective sleep hours less by 2 hrs...makes my day hell..where's this blog going? Infact this blog 'd be indicating the people that I am not in a mood to do shall I leave rather than blog just for the sake of it.

Thanks for giving me the permission.


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