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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So people finally had some respite after the inglorious exit of the "man in blue" from the 2007 world cup. Team India according to the papparazzi has taken a revenge after a "not allowed" defeat in the world cup decider match. Dhoni is again happy to be back in form ( God knows who decides the coming back) and a very confident comment from Ravi Shastri( We gonna make it 3-0), the smarty had had a good luck backing it in the form of clouds covering the east-pakistan region.

Personally,I feel there is nothing called taking a revenge after loosing an important match of world cup with a win in the yet another "tom-dick-harry" series. A win in the present cannot substitute a lost match in the past. Its just a way to sooth the Indians who are nothing more than a bunch of sentimental fools , lead by the media who is only concerned with filling every page of the newspaper by sprinkling showers of sentimentalism.

Bashar's sad comment after the match , that was being washed away by the "now a days " ubiquitious rain, shows that still, the people are thinking the world cup win to be a "flook". No Man, a 50-over continious evaluation procedure cannot be a fluke. A flook is a term used when a candidate answers an objective question by choosing one of the answers that he doesn't have enough time to choose. By no means can winning a 50 over match be called a flook.

Lastly,I think bashar who is on the verge of retirement should feel that at that time his team was a deserving team who let down a "at that moment " bad time. The comments like "rain snatched the oppurtunity from us " is prohibitively hot in nature and should be cooled down by the showers which washed away the match.


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