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Monday, April 23, 2007


Ever thought about what makes the person work well in his territory. Is it money? or is it some in-kind thing. Well, no body can deny that the primary reason for some one working is money. But as the cliche goes " There are something that buy cant buy" --Thanks to the advertising company responsible for featuring Master card to the market, we do work for something that is above the green 'bamboo-processed-output'( BPO)..dont you think so much. I am talking about the money factor. The second most important thing we work for is praise and recognition.

Yes, I feel motivated today. I am talking about motivation for writing blogs in the internet. The latest motivation being my close relatives who praised and recognised me today after visiting this page and who supposedly have the sense of structuring involved in the field of linguistics. Before that it was my very own brother who appreciated me tons for writing exceptionally. Both of the above mentioned are weighty enough to give me the required enthusiasm.

Also, Yesterday I was reading an article from TOI written by the spectacular "bachi kakaria". As a matter of fact I really love the erratica by her as she explains every little thing in so much an unrequired way. The topic of her yesterday discussion was people tagging her through means like orkut. She is more than disgusted by such e-taporis whom she compared with a road side fellow singing " aati kya khandala". The way she said " clickenge, mailenge, chat karenge or kya" is only a sign of a veteran drawing huge parallels between the common mumbaiya gali scenario and the soft "add as a friend request", an e-manifestation that is ubiquitious in orkut.

I also realized yesterday that for a young "wanna be writers" like me, its not necessary to write everytime necessarily a booker material( PUN intended). The most important aspect of writing is "to keep writing". Thats it. The need of the hour is to search by your side the matters to key down effectively and in the best possible language. all the young writers..keep writing. Dont think too much.


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