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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gurgaon sucks..

Enough of unvoicing..let me start it this way. Gurgaon sucks. Yes, it sucks big time. In what is called the most developed software hub of the whole of North India, we have shortage of so many things. This place is as cruel as it can be. The acme of the cruelity can be gauged by the matter of fact that there is no public transport in this place. Simply, no public transport. You know what it means? This means any new comer in gurgaon will be in the deepest shit, should he comes without his/her own conveyance.

Since when have people started coming to any new place with any conveyance. Height of cruelity. What is that new comer supposed to do? Look to people with his right thumb aligned to the direction he wants to pursue, at the cost of those pungent looks that evolve from the belittling eyes of the stranger who has been in the same position some time back ? No man ! this isn't done.

Gurgaon is basically bifurcated economically into two places. The actual haryanvi "gurgaanva" pronounced as ruthlessly as the haryanvi people are and the IT hub gurgaon where the likes of RBS, Microsoft,IBM,TCS,Fidelity,American Express carry their daily bread winning activities.
This needs an attention from Govt. Why is their so much economical desparity? How is a common man who is not a software engineer supposed to travel in this big city of size approx 10 kms by 10kms.

I was shocked to conceive this fact in some two three hours of my visit in this shitty place. Yeah..I was no stud. Any body can understand it within 2-3 days that this isnt the place for an average Tom-dick-harry person earning adhoc income of 300rs per day. The house rent are as exhorbitant as 12k with no power back up. Now what is that ? For people who dont know: gurgaon has serious power shortage entailing minimum 3-4 hours of power cut. Indeed using the word power shortage would be an euphemism.

There is a big economical divide between the people living in 2 distinct areas. The companies are mushrooming big time and their are organic cells of skycrapers facing the face of the developed gurgaon and amidst this gurgaon shining is the market of Wazirabad, the poster boy of deprivity. What are they supposed to do? Compete with we software engineers for their mundane tasks.

Ask any one about these issues and they would smirk saying such discussions are a passe now.

Cruel? isnt it?

The truth stands still that there are only two vehicles in gurgaon. Either there are cars or there are rickshaw..uunnhoooonn..not the auto ricks..but the cycle rickshaw with whom you can discuss your whole autobiography by the time you reach office..if at all he is available for you.


Blogger nitin said...

nice lines....yes gurgon sucks

5:08 AM

Blogger KK said...

awesome post dude..
very true, i share the same feeling..

11:43 PM


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