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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wimbledon Finals..

Yesterday we witnessed again a perfect final in the mother of all tennis tournament .. The Wimbledon.The audience couldnt get a better bargain. Rafal Nadael and Roger Federer are as good a rival as India and Pakistan. Even if they are not, the media doesnt mince its words while saying them perfect rivals. And I was privileged to watch it alone yesterday sitting in my chair while there were regular thundershowers outside. The silence of the home amplified the decibel level. I saw the first 5-6 games and then went for jogging and as expected when I returned, I saw Federer 1-0 set wise. That had to be.

But as time would have it again and again, Nadael returned with fury to square the levels with 6-4 win. One could easily say that Nadael had improved like hell. He could no longer be called only a clay court kid. At times federer seemed helpless before the "court covering" abilities of Nadael. At the same time Nadael was helpess before the aces of the grass court champ. I was particularly amazed and awestruck by nearing perfect serve of Roger who perfected the art of serve , most importantly at crucial break points striking 25 aces and almost 45 unreturned serves. Parallel figures for the clay court champ was 1 and 15. That made quite a difference in the performance.

Till the fourth set no body could take a bet on any one as there were proper 50-50 chances of winning for both of them. But as they say: Champions make the difference in the way they finish the things. Nadael was found second to Roger in the final set and one could say that he had quite threw the towel.

At the end people found themselves saying that Nadael was no second to federer but the result shows it. Federer finally levels the record for the icon borg and going by the way roger is going, he 'd break it next year..No surprise !!


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