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Friday, June 01, 2007

Life..full of surprises

Its long time since I worked last. Little did I know that after not joining my new job for a holiday will be a risky thing to do. Its almost a dream now to join the same. I am gradually forgetting all the tech fundas and to some extent my org and soft skills.

I am getting irritated easily and people to me seem ingenuine so easily. I am just disgusted of any non working place. Damn ! people are so desperate to proov their "I am also something" attitude. What makes them do so? Personally, I feel so people do it less for a genuine cause and more for confidence boosting. That is how the society is going today. People are doing wrong things to make them stand at ease inspite of working hard to get some bread and butter.

The latest "gurjar" kaand is testimony to my belief. What an irony! ha ha ha ..people trying to show them more downtrodden in order to go ahead. That is how India works. Meritocracy is out of question. No body wants to work hard. They can work hard to stop the buses at Delhi-Jaipur highway or Delhi-Agra highway to make the govt give them more "supposedly" humiliating tag of "ST" when they are already OBC. Why cant they work hard for any exam and take good marks and then enjoy all the facilities? No..This is India. I doubt whether this is happening in any emerging economy other than India.

Not only does this diverts the attention and not to mention "money" of govt to control the situation, It also makes the normal junta chew hard nuts to do anything mundane when the city is being curfewed and the highways are blocked. And if any entrance exam is near by, it does makes the students fail to even attend it..which is what happened for students at KOTA who prepared for AIIMS entrance exam and failed to write it.

Its a real unpleasant surprise for those hard working students who burnt the proverbial midnight oil for two years and prepared for exams. Anything that can be done? Yes, shoot at sight ! Thats a perfect remedy for people who are themselves involved in burning people who are not even related to it...if only govt pays attention to the verdict given by the KOTA students.

I am,because of the blocked highway,on the verge of extending my holidays even more. I dont want to do it but am helpless and a mere mute spectator to what is happening right now. MR APJ !!! please control the situation by amending prez rule over rajasthan.


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