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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Assembler Training

It started on sunday and is gonna continue one more day. This text corresponds to the assembler training that I am going thru starting every day 9:30 till my exit from the place. Everything is fine except the non matching dedication level between the prof who teaches and me and the near sitting junta. The prof unlike us , doesnt even sip a glass of water and has an abyssmal depth in his knowledge for anything remotely related to mainframes. He seems to be more clear in mainframes then socrates would be in phiolosophy or what freud would be in psychology.

He keeps asking only one question " are you with me" the answer to which is never different..Yes sir !! Unlike him( read the mainframe man) we regularly keep sipping any arbitrary thing we get our hands on. I am awestruck by both the assember as a world class language and the man who has dyed his hairs with the colors of mainframes over the years working with HP.

The lunch gets finished in around 25 minutes for everyone and no body ever frowns on so less a time for lunch. Asssembler is truly the thing to work for if interested in tech. It starts with the basics of Microprocessor and ends in something very system oriented playing now and then with the registers named r1 to r15.

Enuf of tech. Unlike being attached to anything remotely tech, now I feel like a round peg in a square hole to say the least. Why am I sitting here? sad but true..


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