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Monday, September 17, 2007

whats up??

Its been really long since I blogged last. No excuses but believe me there's been hell of other things coming my way, as to make blogging the last priority. That doesnt mean I am loosing my penchant for writing. Its just that I am slogging more than blogging. Anyway, I want to write an article for the latest Indo-Pak match being played in the 20-20 WC. That was a mind blowing experience. I dont remember any other match that gave me such a thrill while watching cricket.

So there ought to be a blog dedicated for this. Besides, I am having my hands full with my work and other things( not to be discussed here). Climatically, diwali season is striking and I can smell the fragrance of an imaginary Raavan burning in an equally imaginary ground of raipur.

Also, now a days I am remembering Bbsr coz of the training period that happened this time two yrs ago..That was a very imp time for me.

So till the time I write something worthy..stay tune..


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