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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Long time no blog

This 'no writing bug' is again biting me. I dont know nowadays what to write, How to write , ofcourse subject to the condition that whatever I write must be an original material from my side and should have provoked my thought above a threshold level. That not done, I am still writing something to maintain a good habit and to justify a 'demand-consistency' job like writing, as the cliche goes --if you want to be a writer , keep writing.

To say the least, my reading spree has again gone to a halt and I am fighting hard to make it to the NLG( next level of greatness). But as they say- to see the heaven, one has to die on his own. The funda is that I am already occupied with so many imp things, some of the mentionable ones of which include Job hopping..Yes I am changing job. Reason--do I need to tell you? ha ha..JLT( Just like that).

Apropos that, last week has been quite an ego-booster with leading and eminent personalities craving for my being in the company and giving some non justifiable reason to maintain my status quo and to maintain their job as negotiator when any 'Resource' leaves. But as change is constant it the growth of India's GDP or Abhishek Bacchan's GF, it does reflect in many things near to me , the latest being my cell phone and my job.

For the reading front , I am looking forward to reading a book ' Games Indian Play'. Its a must read for each and every Indian if only the book review column of Business Standard is to be trusted upon. Also, since the book is foreworded by our very own NRN, it must have inculcated very good aspects of taking out the very best out of every Indian.

Last but not the least I am more than sad for leaving Infy. Infosys is a great company to make a start with. At least a person understands the procesess and their importance which are being followed for a panic free delivery of the product. Yes agreed with such processes, innovations are rarely possible but who needs them. At least not these guys in ITES sector.

What else? weekend approaching and an imp function waiting for me at home..

Yes I know..this blog wasnt that hip-hap, quite close to my persona. In days to come it will be filled with my latest experience with new place, job and people accompanying.


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