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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New journey..

Again..the same thing. Its been 20 days since I keyed down last for the blog. Ohh..yes, I am writing mails and doing every other thing. Only this blogging was for a hold. The reason. Not so obvious, but that, I was still looking for a triggering event to make me write. The event happened and my fingers are making now the ubiquitious noice responsible for making India appear in the global map of globalization. You didnt get it? I am talking about the sound of the key board.

I enjoyed yesterday, thoroughly with an event known as Townhall at my newly oined firm..RBS. Yes, Royal bank of scotland. Only yesterday, did I realize how big RBS is and how far its reach is. Frankly speaking it was first time I saw foreigners speaking for an hour which made quite a sense to me also. I realized yesterday that the man who was speaking before me was the director of the development unit. Quite a big shot !! huh.

Its always a nice and a proud feeling to associate yourself to a big brand, which is additionally a global brand. Really global. It was nice to see the director speak about the contributions each one can make. He spoke about how every one can improve in life on daily basis. This reminded me of my stint at Infy where similar life improvising words were being spoken by NRN. Excellence resides inside you. Same words by two people of two different nation and with two different ideas in mind, but the fundamental remains the same.

Mike errington(another big shot) had his b'day yesterday so it was nice to see him cutting the cake also. And after that was the awaited event. The DJ night. I was missing this part quite much in RBS which used to happen in Infy quite regularly.The dance party was fabulous and nerve recking to say the least. I was giving atleast 80% of mine while dancing if not cent%.

Similar things to see before the dance floor. Music on, DJ calling and people waiting for some one to make a start. Who is gonna take the initiative? You, me or he ? Its at this place leaders come out informally and make the crowd feel at ease. India needs leaders at all front. Who can make the crowd feel at ease and lead the journey. I am sad that I didnt initiate, but then I initiated so many things after I joined the floor.

Pause, I havent ended yet. This is just the positive part of the story. I need to write another blog all together about " how much I hate gurgaon ".

Till then stay mature wine.


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