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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laughter challenge and software industry.

Its far beyond the expected. The laughter challenge(LC) has started its 3 edition or version 1.03, if only you use the terminology used by the epitome of India, The IT services company. Laughter challenge "tritiya" seemed to be a far cry when it started for the first time but now going by the popularity index( POPEX) it is touching, even the versions 1.06 and 7 dont seem to be a far cry or too ambitious.

The phenomenon is similar to any software-based industry. People are coming, taking the work-ex of "laughter challenge " and then leaving laughter challenge to start their own show. Our very own Raju is the poster boy of suck kind of start ups. "Hansoge to fasoge" which is truly based on the processes and practices of laughter challenge is a live example of the above allegation. Rakhi Sawant accompanies him in the form of HR(seriously).

Raju in a true form has gone far beyond being just another laughter challenge candidate to truly a "comedy consultant". He does it all. He acts, does shows at various places and is named the uncrowned king of laughter challenge by the likes of siddhu and shekhar suman who are the considered big shots of such activities. Shekhar suman himself has done myriad shows , so knows the basics of comedy inside-out.

Raju is no more a candidate. He does some 2-3 stand alone laughter shows at prime time of aaj-tak. "Aisi ki taisi" is one example of such shows. For the people who doubt his acting talent: he has done many films being MPK( Maine Pyar Kiya).

Software Industry is also tied to laughter industry by a small thread of forwards. I have spotted many shows having some 20-30 % jokes straightly picked from some sources which I read in my mail some aeons ago.Seeing the POPEX of LC , many other channels have started making similar shows based on the same concepts, very much like the bangalore phenomenon which lead to the mushrooming of software companies.

I am still to see what else can be done to laughter industry which is inspired from IT services company.!!!


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LC is one of the bestest...reality show ever...i cud not miss it out....perhaps...enjoyable article...thanx for sharing good info...

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