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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is a big hit again. Now don’t start saying stereotypically that Amitabh was better than Shahrukh. Both are different and well accepted charismatic characters with many things in common , DON being the last thing. That was pretty logical that if some one could take Amitabh’s place, that couldn’t be other than SRK.

I have been watching the new KBC for quite a sometime and have observed the strategy that every time that HOT SEAT contestant uses to maximize the amount of money won. This discourse is to suggest an ideal strategy for playing KBC when you are in the hot seat.

First and foremost the most important strategy is not to use any life lines for first 5 questions after which you get the “flip the question” life line which is an extremely important life line. Come on ! this is pretty simple if luck is lil bit by your side. This done, the next step is to concentrate on the usage of the originally available life lines.

So here it goes: The first wrong thing that every contestant does is taking the audience poll as soon as he/she fails for the first time. This is a clear cut “illogical” strategy. Why to take audience poll in such an infant stage? The best strategy to use when you are below 1,60,000 or 6,40,000 is to flip the question. That’s obvious that when you are in low amount questions the flipped question will be replaced by an equally easy question which you can possibly answer with lil bit of fight. So, the first strategy to use should be none other than “flip the question”.

The next life line that needs to be taken is necessarily is “50/50”. This is a very good life line again and helps eliminate the possible wrong answers. Assuming that the person knows atleast 1-2 options by his hitherto experience, he’ll be able to eliminate the trap and come out with flying colors.

Then comes the turn of “phone a friend”. That dependent on how much knowledgeable the rang person is, will get you the amount or will get you in a deep shit. It’s also a good algorithm to keep the 50/50 ready after ringing a friend. That should take you very near to the right answer.

The last life line to be used is the “audience pole”. Don’t underestimate the audience and of course don’t reject the statistics. Both in a coupled way are capable of giving great results. That coupled with a little intelligence and of course our thinking cap which, surprisingly works wonders in itself, can do miracles.

Note: this algorithm when followed with a few ups and downs can work wonders. The first step should be the first step and the last step should be the last step. The rest of the steps are flexible to be used. I think, if the above algorithm is followed religiously, the amount of rupees won will go definitely go higher.


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