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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

team india

India’s failure in the world cup is an official acceptance now. As the stature of the game demands, it has its reach to almost everything we do in day today life. Why to go far? Only today I was irritated after watching Sachin doing a CANON ad. We all are supposedly disappointed about India’s failure and are still not ready to accept it as the final super eight list is announced.

I can still see many sms, and being part of the giant software industry which is integral to the nation in contributing almost 5% to the GDP, have been lucky to get those forward mails which say that the team of Bangladesh is accused of taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and so, are out of the world cup.

Agreed, it’s just a forward mail but the person who has started rotating such mails is obviously a sentimental fool who is trying to disseminate the idea of failure and more important try to imagine something unimaginable and only, far from truth. The need of the hour is to understand that no team is small and no team is big. It’s only about that day and this holds true for most of the things in life.

Cricket is first the uncertain game and then the property of us Indians. In my view the loss at the world cup is just a game loss to Bangladesh than the claimed inglorious exit. The formula is ready. The team which will be in top 2 will proceed to the next level. In some department some field is better than you. That’s it. Its not that you are bad. It’s just that they are better. Fundamentally, there should not be any problem in accepting that some body was better than you that day.

It happens sometimes and it happened that day.

I don’t understand why people correlate the endorsements to cricket and make a huge cry out of it. There’s hardly 2 weeks in an year which occupies these people for ads. Rest days are with them. So doing too much ads is not the key to loss in the world cup.

The only thing is that we don’t want to accept that its only human to not perform sometimes. This whole song is all because it is world cup. Had that been a tri series at west-endies, reactions would have been quite shallow and decaying in nature. So lets forget that it was world cup. Basically and fundamentally, we have lost a game. Just a game which was necessary to be won. That we are out is a result of the same.

The point to ponder is from Narayan Murthy who blames it on Indian team for not following the processes and making a mock of it. That’s acceptable. The idea that processes need to be followed at every cost is perfectly fine, although I am not sure whether NRN went to the practice ground and saw dada or dravid practicing. In my view being a person fond of processes and practices he is not able to see things as a bad day and is forced to blame it on processes and practices rather than thinking for the performance. Probably he is having a view in his mind that if processes are followed no body can loose, which according to me is not the right idea. That’s because if your team is CMM5 , the other team is not CMM4.

My biggest sympathy is with greg chappel. Why to drag coach in all this. He coaches people to perform at the optimum level. His task is to motivate people and make them follow the process at every cost. Now if the whole team debacles in the ground is not because of him or not only his responsibility. Further, changing a coach is not at all a solution to the problem.

So guys it’s not the time to blame. Things may seem to be perfect before match and yet fail because it’s always the relative performance that matters.


Blogger Aarti said...

hey ayush, the blog over cricket was good but my opinion would be that what NRN said about processes and all is fair enough. A regular follow up of processes would definately put you on 'form', which qualifies you better everytime. there's always a timely performance but certain things can be made by default.

6:18 AM


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