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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Black Tuesday

Thinking of surfing the internet to get the information about the possible new movie coming to your nearest multiplex. No it ain’t the name of a new movie. It’s the name of last night which made me almost cry, metaphorically. Yes, boys can cry as emotional downpour is allowed independent of any gender.

Last night is the first night I had to spend hungry with the rare species of the world playing tug of war inside my stomach. I felt everything after I had to sleep empty stomach, with my appetite knocking the doors of my conscience and begging for a handful of food which would have maintained the last value assigned to it. I felt helpless.I felt irritated and most of all, I felt alone. Really all alone!

It so happened that I had to stay in the office for some ‘critical to the project’ work. Although I don’t like to stay in the office for so long , I had to, as this blog had to publish. The weather here yesterday followed the trends of the whole country and it rained heavily, though unexpectedly. As I am not a big visionary, I didn’t carry any warm clothes. Therefore, weather was a typical rainy season cold weather. To “walk” in such cold weather at 11 of night was a bizarre for me. I could see many ruthless bikers who didn’t stop on the way to drop their fellow Infoscion and, following the principles of “duniyaa-dari” why would they?

Anyways, my friend talked to me the whole way on phone albeit he left me alone while I was getting closer to home. Now I was back to the real world though, less professional in nature. I could sense and smell danger waiting for me in the dining table when I saw all the shops closed. Now the only option left for me was to look for anything where I could something. No, there is no one to welcome you in that substandard shop where paneer costs you Rs 10 a plate. After calling that shopkeeper for about 4 times he replied affirmatively. This confirmed my order for a plate of sabji.

This was the same shop where I couldn’t even stop to spit had time been little faithful to me. I was feeling no less than Amitabh Bachhan of “Lavaaris” who had it enough of life and had more strokes from the time then the number of chapattis.( 25 saali ki zindagi mein roti kam choten zyada khaaya hoon). At the same time I couldn’t avoid feeling like an army man who has destroyed his personal life for his nation known as Infosys.

Yes, I was back to square one. All were standing there. A rickshaw vaala, an auto vaala and a labour of near by construction setup. No Infy tag is gonna work and no verisimilitude of the Infy guard is gonna let you take any food before him if, he is standing before you. What a shift in the status. Wearing Red tape shoes, working for a billion dollar firm and standing with the common multitude that at time may be preferred over you owing to the customer loyalty perspective.

This is the time when I again realized that everybody in this world is onto his own. I couldn’t ring my Mom, dad nor disturb any one because that would have only disturbed their life with, anything they say only theoretically right. Anyways, I took whatever he prepared whole heartedly and appreciated myself for my robust and adjusting nature. I opened my room and took around 1.5 minutes to get to the so called dining space, shifting channels with no special channel in my mind. The momentum imparted by my hunger was transmitted to the channel button. And now what? The obvious oblivious thing. No sooner I ate my first bite did I realize the inedibility of the carried food which made me stand with ‘also stood in the shop’ people. This completes the foundation of this blog.

Name it anything; I was not comfortable standing and competing with the people standing there. As a matter of fact, I am not even comfortable competing with the fellow infoscions for a thing as basic as food which has no yellow metal or diamonds attached to it. Well, what happened had to happen!! So, no regrets. Some great man has said that every problem in the world is an oppurtunity to improve your condition. Lets see how that saying manifests itself in my case.

Hello !!! Is any director listening ?


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