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Friday, February 16, 2007

just like that

wow ! so finally the 'sleep as much as you can' day came. I slept upto 1'o clock today. Bad habit ! yes, but well deserved as I was really burning midnight oils since last 3 weeks. I said to myself that enuf is enuf. Sleep to prove a point and rather to brush away the jinx that ayush cannot sleep much nowdays.

Last saturday's sleep was washed away coz of my uncle's visit to my place. Anyways the need of the hour is reading. Gaush !! so much material to read and so less a time.I have finally ordered a business news national daily. Just take a look at any biz national daily. The looks say it all. Yellowish orange instead of white. yes, colors do matter to me.

The news are purely professional and industry oriented. The person who havent had a look at those kind of news wont even realize that the world is so big and umpteen transactions going over, be it mushrooming of start ups at the blink of eye or some tata/birla/mittal/? going for an overseas buying.

The edit page in such papers is also concentrated for all biz related news rather than Bachi kakaria or gurucharan das throwing some wanna be read material. Just read what a "market maniac" as they call themselves, have to say about the market and you got to know things or two more about the biz world.

Nothing like you cant get such material in TOI but at the end of day its all about getting the best literature for the same things rather than going for "also published" material.

Hey! its close to six and net time is gonna end , so lest I miss out on that front, I need to publish this "just like that" piece of blog.

happy weekend.


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