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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bund Bund se bhare Matka

Ha ha ha ha...what?? dont ask me what happened. I am just coming from what is called a skip level meeting. For people who dont know, in this meeting the PMs or the Project Managers are skipped. This is done so as to make the whole crowd at ease which is only possible when the PMs are not around.

and what ?? ha ha worked . More ironically is it so because the PMs themselves told us that "speak something in the meeting". What an Irony !! a criminal is telling me to give a "gavaahi" at the court against him. And, that was done. People spoke at length and in group. Even the dumbest spoke this time. The guy who till yesterday was being urged from the junta to speak a bit more was appreciated this time.

This clearly again supported the adage that a single stick cant do anything but a bunch of sticks can work wonders. It all started with a single guy taking an initiative and the rest following him as a matter of fact. Good show !! I am but more than happy. More happy because I could observe this time a sense of satisfaction in people who opened their rebellion outfit to the whole world for the first time.

I am more than happy as today all were talking at par and showed today that there were more than mere puppets of their PM who otherwise holds their strings of direction. I am more than happy as I could see a more leveraged discussion this time. I am happy as I could see more confidence in the walking style of people.

Nevertheless, I am having a sympathy with the managers as they are the people who are near to us all the time. They do some play acts sometime. They do have some strange handling tactics sometimes so as to make the people work who normally would like to chill in some other activities like "blogging"..ha ha ha ..I am a big big escapist.

The GPM as always was patiently listening to the complains of the people and did more than just nodding his head to his affirmation. He has always been a good man to talk to. He understands that he 'd have done something similar sometime in his career and will definitely step into the managers shoes before giving his verdict.

Probably, thats why the word perspective is being defined.


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